3D Practical ESL (General English) Course


Program Description

Practical ESL (4 classes of 1:1 + 3 group classes + 1 optional class) 3D offers a range of courses and curriculum for students from all over the world who intend to speak English as their second language (ESL). The General English ESL courses focus on the speaking, listening, reading, grammar, and writing. It is a personalized training course designed for students completely based on their level of English and preference. It has 7 hours of lessons per day + 1 hour of free classes. The time is scheduled from 8am to 5pm everyday, with 2 hours break in between. Most of the courses feature at least 4 classes of 1:1 (man-to-man/private tuition) class every day, which gives students numerous opportunity to speak English in the class. 3D Practical ESL is the trademark curriculum of 3D Academy, which offers 4 classes of individual one-to-one lesson, 3 group classes, and 1 optional class. Each class lasts for 50 minutes. With over a decade of experience, the school realizes that students cannot concentrate over a long period of class. 50 minutes is a good timing for a student to absorb everything in the class. After that, students can get a short 10 minutes break in between each class. During the class break, students normally gather around the hallway and interact with other students or teachers, which gives them a chance for casual English communication. Which is the real reason why most of the students in 3D Academy knows each others well.

Practical ESL Course Fee

Practical English Fee
*Enrollment Fee: USD$100
*Pick-up Fee (one way from airport to school): USD$30
*The price is inclusive of: Tuition Fee, Accommodation, 3 meals/day (Including weekends), laundry, room cleaning service, access to gym and free WIFI.
*The school reserves the right to adjust the price where it deemed fit

Level Test

On the first day of the school, all students need to take an Entrance exam to determine their levels. After that, all students will be classified into 6 levels as followings:

Practical English

Miscellaneous Fees in Cebu(Other Fees)

When students arrive to Cebu, they need to pay some miscellaneous fees as stipulated by the government. The fees include Special Study Permit (SSP), maintenance fees, visa extension etc. Some fees are compulsory, some are not. Please check with the student manager upon arrival on the specific miscellaneous fees that are applicable to you. ① VISA extension: Those students who stay more than 30days should apply Visa extension with the fee below (Inclusive of 300pesos handling fee)
1st:3,440pesos valid for 59days*counting from the arrival(8weeks)
2nd:4,710pesos valid for 89days*counting from the arrival (12weeks)
3rd:3,240pesos valid for 119days*counting from the arrival(16weeks)
4th:3,240pesos valid for 149days*counting from the arrival(20weeks)
5th:3,240pesos valid for 179days*counting from the arrival(24weeks)
※after 1st extension, 2nd and 3rd extensions onward can be done at one time. ② SSP(Special Study Permit): 6,500pesos including notarization(6month validity) ③ ACR I-Card: Compulsory for students staying over 59days = 3,000pesos * The fees for students Staying over 59 days = 3000 pesos (ACR I-Card) + 4,710pesos (2nd visa extension) = 7710 pesos ④ Textbooks: Approximately 1,000pesos for 4weeks ⑤ Electric fee: Approximately 300~1,500pesos/4weeks(depends on the usage) ⑥ Maintenance fee: 150pesos /week(onetime payment on the first day) ⑦ Deposit(Refundable): 1~19weeks→Equivalent to 2,500pesos 20~47weeks→Equivalent to 5,000pesos ⑧ Additional Classes (Optional): 1 to 1 class=2,250pesos/week or Group Class=1,500pesos ⑨ Airport Tax: 750pesos (At the airport) ⑩ Personal Expenses: Tour Packages etc.

Last updated Dec 2017

About the School

3D UNIVERSAL ENGLISH INSTITUTE INC. is a language school based in the Central Business District (CBD) area of Cebu City, Philippines. We specialize in the practical English as a Second Language (ESL) ... Read More

3D UNIVERSAL ENGLISH INSTITUTE INC. is a language school based in the Central Business District (CBD) area of Cebu City, Philippines. We specialize in the practical English as a Second Language (ESL) training courses, TOEIC, IELTS, TOEFL and Business English courses. We provide a full range of programs to train the students’ communication skills using English. We have courses specifically designed for students from Beginners to Advance English level. Our students come from all over the world, including Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Mainland China, Russia, Middle East countries, Jordan, Germany, France, and Spain. We provide full accommodation and meals during the students’ stay with the school. Read less