CIPD Advanced Level 7 Award in Understanding and Implementing Coaching and Mentoring


Program Description

An intensive, fast-track qualification programme

Develop specific knowledge and understanding in the area of coaching and mentoring by reviewing, questioning and considering solutions to meet strategic business needs.

This programme has been specifically designed for busy practitioners who recognise the value of achieving a postgraduate level CIPD qualification. You need only attend one week of face-to-face workshops with the remaining support and submission being completed by phone or online within four weeks of the workshop.

Who is it for

This programme is aimed at delegates who:

  • are senior enough to make strategic decisions and/ or have a level of influence that will impact other key stakeholders
  • have a good level of coaching and mentoring experience and knowledge – ideally 3 years
  • are working for an organisation that has a real need to introduce and /or improve coaching and mentoring initiatives
  • are keen to have all the face-to-face workshops completed in a one week block, so the programme can be very suitable for practitioners working outside the UK.

Please note: this programme is not aimed at any delegates who want to improve their individual coaching skills or work as an internal coach or mentor.


On completion of the programme, you will be able to:

  • critically assess a range of models and frameworks of coaching and mentoring
  • demonstrate and apply an informed and critical understanding of psychological theories and concepts informing design and use of coaching and of mentoring, including a range of theories related to learning, emotional intelligence and personal and organisational change and development
  • design and implement organisation-based coaching strategies and mentoring strategies and programmes, taking account of a range of contextual factors
  • understand how to provide professional and effective coaching services and mentoring services in a range of organisational, professional and personal contexts
  • act ethically and professionally with a demonstrated commitment to equality of opportunity and diversity in coaching and mentoring practice and to continuous personal and professional development.


PRE-WORK- you will be required to complete around 10 hours of pre-reading or pre-work before attending this programme. Please ensure you factor this into your time.Pre-work will be available on the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). VLE access details will be sent to you 2-3 weeks from the start date. Please note if you are a late booker, access may be delayed slightly, however pre-work will be sent to you via e-mail.

Day 1

  • Introductions
  • Coaching and Mentoring Models and Frameworks

Day 2

  • Learning & Psychological Theory
  • Psychological Concepts
  • Communication and Relationships

Day 3

  • Organisational Models and Cultural Considerations
  • Resources & ROI
  • Coach Skills and Competencies
  • Professional Practice

Day 4

  • Equality & Diversity
  • Code of Ethics
  • CPD
  • Assessment 2 Briefing

Day 5

  • Assessment 1 – Coaching and MentoringPresentations
  • Session 1 – Individual Formative Assessments
  • Session 2 – Feedback & Reflective Review
  • Session 3 – Programme Overview and next steps


Formative assessment:

  • exercises and activities held throughout workshops to share knowledge and understanding of coaching and mentoring approaches and explore organisational factors and contexts
  • a presentation on the topic of coaching and / or mentoring that you will be expected to prepare for throughout the week.

Written assignment:

  • a 3,000 – 3,500 word written assignment which must be completed four weeks after the face-to-face element of the programme.


On successful completion of the programme, you’ll be awarded the CIPD Advanced Level 7 Award in Human Resources, along with a certificate to show your expertise in coaching and mentoring.

How to Gain

To be awarded the qualification, you must:

  • attend five, face-to-face workshop days, which are completed in a one week block
  • complete the workshop exercises and activities, including a presentation
  • successfully complete a written assignment.

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Full Up-front Qualification Fee £3,495 + VAT

Fees include all tuition, personal tutor support and telephone coaching, assessment, course materials and access to the dedicated Virtual Learning Environment. They do not include travel, accommodation or Award Registration Fee, mandatory for all candidates who are not already CIPD members.

Membership is not mandatory to complete this programme; however we strongly recommend coming into Affiliate Membership in order to benefit from the full range of CIPD resources available to members.


You have five weeks to complete the requirements of the programme, including the written assignment. Please note the duration of the programme does not include final marking, moderation and certification.

Please contact CIPD Training for the next start date

Last updated Feb 2018

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The HR and L&D professions hold the key to unlocking that sweet spot. Good people management and development are not only good for the financial performance of a given business, but also for the w ... Read More

The HR and L&D professions hold the key to unlocking that sweet spot. Good people management and development are not only good for the financial performance of a given business, but also for the well-being of its workforce and for the long-term prosperity of the economies and societies in which we all work. Read less