Entrepreneurship and Internationalisation Centre is a set of cells and projects that give the student Ibmec an environment to exercise their skills and abilities, with freedom and autonomy. It is a testing center that moves the walls between the market and the gym. The ERC welcomes students already from the first half to work adaptability and leadership teams forming and managing the cells. We start from the blank sheet to form the protagonists of the world.

The student also has the possibility to add value to their education building an international experience. Agreements signed with educational institutions in 20 countries offer exchanges and partnerships that empower students with new experiences aligned to what happens in the universe.

junior companies

In Ibmec, the student refines professional skills in direct contact with business processes. theoretical and practical knowledge to write your professional history.

social entrepreneurship

Undertake a connected planet causing a positive impact on reality. The Social Ibmec is a nonprofit organization that develops socio-entrepreneurial projects with an emphasis on poor communities of Rio de Janeiro, seeing possibilities, acting and allowing progress.


Educate with excellence in a borderless world means empowering professionals to work across the globe. Ibmec is part of DeVry Education Group, one of the world's largest, with headquarters in Chicago and 85 years old. The participation of an international provider is more a connection in the training of our students now have an expanded range of international benefits.

Products and services

Services with different types of duration and certification that suit your learning objectives. Know that the ERC offer to build their international experience: EXCHANGES: more than 50 partner institutions in 20 countries with offers related to all areas of undergraduate and masters programs.

SEMESTER ABROAD: graduation, make exchanges in DeVry universities in the United States taking advantage of all disciplines to attend in their school history.

INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCES: participate in conferences to Silicon Valley (USA), Boston College (USA) and China know more about the culture of startups and entrepreneurship.

ENGLISHPRO: English course subsidized by Ibmec leading the student from basic to proficient in a primary language.

Program taught in:
  • Portuguese (Brazil)

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Mar 2020
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Mar 2020
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