Best Courses in Andorra La Vella in Andorra 2019

Andorra may be the perfect place for studying abroad. Located between France and Spain, joint educational programs between countries also exist. Catalan, Spanish, Portuguese, and French also make this a great place for language students.

This beautiful city is the heart of Andorra’s high education bearing in mind it's the home of the only university in the country. Known as University of Andorra, the institute provides first degrees in various courses.

Courses in Andorra La Vella in Andorra

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Dispatcher of Aviation Course

Andorra Aviation Academy
Campus 2 months September 2019 Andorra Andorra la Vella

The Aircraft Dispatcher is a licensed airman certificated by a Civil Aviation Administration. He/She has joint responsibility with the captain for the safety and operational control of flights under his/her guidance.

Fast Track ATPL (18 Months)

Andorra Aviation Academy
Campus Full-time 18 months September 2019 Andorra Andorra la Vella

This programme is designed to meet the requirements for a flight crew position with European Airline and to work as a pilot on American registered aircraft.