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Revenue Management course

Revenue Management Course is a training program with more than ten years of evolution and development, highly specialized in the operational management of revenue as a result of evolution and demand within the responsibility of the Revenue Manager and the hotel industry.

The design of the course was launched after a thorough analysis of training programs in Revenue Management offered by some of the best international universities in tourism training, which we have added the professional experience of everyday life of the profession, getting integrate reality of our hotel sector in the classroom. All under the guidance and collaboration of Revenue Managers prestigious national and international (see the reviews of our tutors and collaborators).

Revenue management studies in CESAE with the most innovative technological tools

This program is aimed at students from a practical perspective, where you can use all the technological tools used in day to day, plus the collaboration of the leading suppliers in the sector activity Revenue Manager:

  • Avail Pro, Bookassist and Ota Insight

Choose your profession. He works as revenue management in the best hotels

All our masters, programs and courses are taught using an online methodology, plus the added possibility of voluntary assistance to factories of actual practice: All based primarily on solving practical cases, through the use of simulations with our Parameterized tools, allows not only implement all learned concepts (students work individually and in groups and act as the revenue managers of certain hotels, with situations that simulate everyday reality), but to analyze the best results derived from decisions.

Revenue Management Course is the program that any student who wants to manage the profitability of a tourism establishment needs to access and stay in a labor market with high demand for skilled professionals.

In short, a comprehensive training, specialized and adapted to the needs of the sector. What enables you to be a specialist in the profession of the future in hotel management. Become a real revenue manager with the best teachers, the most innovative simulation platform and the possibility of internships at major hotel chains.

What've got when you complete your training in revenue management

This course is designed to become a professional expert Revenue Management in hotel accommodation from the perspective of the eminently practical operational responsibility, and dominating all key aspects of technical management.

  • Develop practice with the use of all the technological tools used in day to day activity Revenue Manager: Availpro, Bookassist and Ota Insight.
  • Deepening through many case studies in all those areas that you need to master and shape the entire application of Revenue in a hotel. These are areas such as:
    • Perform preliminary analysis of the information needed to establish a proper strategy Revenue and an advanced level of convenience. Information such as: demand, competition, the environment of the hotel, etc. All this can make a budget and operating Forecast.
    • Establish Revenue Management strategy for the period stipulated, involving the development of pricing matrix with its restrictions, optimization positioning, effective management of overbooking, etc.
    • Learning to implement the strategy. And for this we made the daily Booking and study the pick up, we prepare the schedule of rates and proceed to inform all the departments concerned. For all this we have a number of applications, tools and accessories parameterised software to facilitate all operational.
    • Monitor and review Revenue Management system and strategy that we have implemented. That will make the daily monitoring and analysis of periodic results, we will make the necessary adjustments and elaborate the information to help decision making.
  • Complete all the knowledge in the field of Revenue Management, trying distribution costs of the different channels, whether direct or indirect, interact online and offline sales, Channel Manager, etc.
  • Enable make contact with the best professionals in Revenue Management and Communication Sector 2.0, can create your own professional network.

Career prospects

Our goal is that you can demonstrate the theoretical and practical knowledge in revenue management at the end of the program, to work as:

  • Revenue Manager of a hotel.
  • Head of department managers and directors to apply or relate directly or indirectly to the knowledge of Revenue.
  • functional managers within a hotel chain and other tourist establishments, to be applied practical knowledge of Revenue.


This training program gives students the Course at the University Nebrija Business School.

Duration and credits

Revenue Management Course has a duration of 120 hours and an extension of 4ECTS (own title Nebrija University). The overall rating of the program will be determined taking into account the continuous evaluation and resolution of practical cases. This title gives the student a total of 4 ECTS.


It is performed in online mode with support from our teachers and experts in each of the areas of program content professionals.


You have the possibility of internships in the Departments of Revenue Management of the major chains. CESAE has agreements with more than 150 entities related to the tourism sector. All our students have access to internships in companies to complement their training. Our system is open and flexible practices and asks the student who carry them out according to their time availability and geographical location.

economic aspects

CESAE Business & Tourism School allows students to finance all training programs so that economic aspects are not an impediment to doing any training.

Our training programs can be subsidized through the Tripartite Foundation.

You can view all modalities of financing or bonus conditions of the Tripartite Foundation CESAE contacts on the phone 912 977 166 or write to email info@cesae.esThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , without obligation.

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