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Program Description

ESL Courses

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ESL Classes focus on the interest of the students and the betterment of their English ability. ESL classes conduct English learning in different levels and concentrate on conversation, grammar, reading, listening, writing and vocabulary.

Special Features

  • ESL course can make the biggest impact within a short period (620 minutes class time every day)
  • Focusing on the 4 modules [Listening / Reading / Writing / Speaking], Speaking skill will be developed through a balanced training
  • ESL course can be a stepping-stone prior to taking an advanced course [ex: TOEIC, IELTS, EPP etc.]

Point 1. Systematic Curriculum & Tight Schedule

  • Mandatory attendance of Morning & Evening Sparta classes (620 minutes class a day)
  • A tight schedule can instill a sound study habit for students. Students can also increase their English ability by studying on their own.


Point 2. Special teachers based on each module & commendable quality classes from regular feedback

  • All teachers have their own specialty whether teaching R/W or L/S subject, and their skills are strictly checked through regular evaluation.
  • They are also specially trained with various modules, providing a better quality of teaching to all students.
    ① Specific teachers for each module
    ② Specific textbooks for each module
    ③ Regular teachers training (Team leaders or Invited Trainers and Professionals)
    ④ Allowance for changing of class is every 2 weeks / TEACHER TEST twice a month / Quarterly TEACHER TEST / Students' feedback after the class
    ⑤ Rigorous evaluation and coaching by the team leaders & supervisor
    ⑥ English skill development & improvement in class / training

Point 3. Subdivided Level Composition and 1:4 & 1:8 Group Class

  • Strength and Weakness of 4 modules [Listening / Speaking / Writing / Reading] are evaluated through the level assessment test on the entrance day.
  • SMEAG Level system has all 15 levels from 1L/M/H to 5L/M/H enabling group classes to proceed smoothly.

Listening & Speaking / Conversation Practice
Grammar Quiz / Discussion on the specific topic
Appropriate vocabulary & expression Practice according to the situation
Conversation analysis & Grammar discussion
Vocabulary / Pronunciation / Accent Practice
Actual Presentation & various Activities / A Role Play and Speech Contest etc

Point 4. Optional (Intensive Speaking) Class

  • SMEAG encourages students to attend Optional classes during their vacant class time in order to improve their speaking skills.
  • Students can join specific classes such as Survival English, Pronunciation & Accent Training, and Speak Up, etc. if they cannot attend their 1:1/1:4 classes.

Point 5. Step-up Class

  • If the candidate only knows elementary words, then there is no need to fear! This program can give the students the confidence in learning and using new vocabularies!
  • Students have to pass the test every Friday. Otherwise, they will not be allowed to go out on weekends.
  • During the short period, students will memorize many vocabularies words and begin to develop their basic conversation skills.

* This program is available only in SMEAG Sparta Campus.

Point 6. Premium Dormitory / Tea Timee

  • Each unit can accommodate up to 6-9 students. 2 teachers stay in each unit 24 hours a day to check the status of the students.
  • 24-hour English only environment and stability a result of constant care of the students from the teachers.
  • Besides the regular classes, students can receive specialized lessons during a mandatory 1 hour Tea Time held every evening.

* This program is available only in SMEAG Sparta Campus.

Point 7. SMEAG Red Diary

  • Students write a diary everyday and have their composition corrected by their teachers.
  • For 15 minutes, students listen to various theme passages during the class (Listening level improvement).
  • After completing 20 passages, students can receive SMEAG freebies such as T-shirt, umbrella, mug/cup, cushion, and the like for motivation.

Program Instruction


SMEAG ESL Level is divided into 5 levels, each level is subdivided into Low/Medium/High, giving SMEAG a total of 15 levels.

  • All new students must take a placement test which has 4 modules (Speaking, Listening, Reading & Writing)
  • After checking the results of each module, based on the levels, SMEAG will make a proper class schedule and assign teachers and textbooks to the students.
  • Students will study with ESL textbooks provided by SMEAG [Every level is composed of 20 days (4 weeks) course]
  • After finishing one textbook, through the Progress Test (Level-Up Test), SMEAG can give students a new 1:1/1:4 class


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Start date : Nov. 2019
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Start date : Nov. 2019
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Nov. 2019
Philippines - Cebu City, Central Visayas
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