Prague Film Institute Summer Program: Filmmaking


Program Description

Prague Film Institute offers summer courses every year. They are shorter courses during which our teachers give you the very fundamentals from the world of film: screenwriting, cinematography, editing and computer game design. Choose a topic that is closest to your heart and that interests you the most. Upgrade your education during your holidays and take advantage of the Prague Film Institute summer courses. Get inspired by experienced lecturers and learn practical skills from the best filmmakers.

Have you traveled abroad and done nothing for too long? Come take part in our Prague Film Institute summer courses. Start your career in directing, production or animation. Get inspired by world-renowned filmmakers. Every year we prepare specialized courses for you during the summer where you can improve your knowledge in a particular area. Whether it is theme, screenwriting, camera, editing or directing, there is something for everyone at our film school.

Key Facts

  • 8 Weeks full-time: July - August 2019
  • 20 Hours/weekly practical classes + weekend shoots
  • €4500 fee: affordable tuition
  • 20 hours/weekly work on own film project: average time

Filmmaking - Summer Course

Our intensive 8-week filmmaking program is designed to give students hands-on experience and overall introduction to the craft of filmmaking. The course is designed for people with little or no experience as well as for those who wish to deepen their skills. Covering screenwriting, directing, camera, editing, and sound, the professional industry-working teachers of Prague Film Institute lead the student from story idea to finished film.

PFI Summer Workshop challenges students to produce 3 films over a period of two months. Each film school student writes and directs his or her own film while also crews on 2 other student productions.


Students use HDSLR cameras, Lowel lighting packages, and digital editing systems to create their individual film projects. Following the production and post-production of each film, students screen their work for their classmates and instructors and engage in critiques and discussion.


Students direct their own projects in three or four-person crews and will rotate through production positions when fellow crew members direct. This helps each student gain a strong familiarity with every aspect of film production as they rotate from the director to the director of photography, to the assistant camera, to gaffer/grip.

Basic Information

  • Length 8 weeks full-time
  • Tuition per course: € 4 500. Dates: 1st July 2019 – 30th August 2019
  • Classes 5-8 hours per day, 9:30am to 5:00pm (Mon - Fri) + weekend shoots
  • The maximum capacity of the Summer Program is limited to 16 participants
  • Technical equipment and study materials included
  • The fee doesn't cover airfare, accommodation, food allowance and health insurance. Everything else is included.
  • Internships on actual professional shoots

What will I learn?

  • How to work with a script and create a storyboard
  • How to direct actors and work with them through casting, pre-production, calling and on-set management
  • How to lead a small crew and manage a shoot according to industry-standard procedures
  • How to manipulate a professional digital camera and light a scene
  • How to record sound and create a sound design with special software
  • How to utilize professional editing software and learn the main principles of storytelling through editing
  • Post-production – key steps of post-production, working with film materials

Program Description

Week 1- 4

The first month of the program is theory and pre-production period based. During this time students learn basics about each filmmaking role and also write, cast, scout locations and plan their final films. Students gain introducing the fundamentals of directing, screenwriting, editing, cinematography and sound while also experience practical lessons and visits to our industry partner studios and premises.

Week 5-8

In the second month, each student shoots the final film of up to ten minutes and meets with teachers for one-on-one consultations. In the final weeks of the program, students films are screened at a public cinema open to cast, crew, friend, and family and reviewed by the Institute. All students who successfully complete the workshop receive a Prague Film Institute certificate and leave the program with a copy of all their films.



  • Formates
  • Camera movement, continuity, pacing and rhythm
  • How to get the most out of actors’ performances, rehearsal techniques
  • Location shooting exercise


  • Basic elements of producing films (from pre-production to post-production)
  • Project planning and development
  • Budgeting
  • Scheduling (script breakdowns, call sheets, production schedules, etc.)
  • Location management
  • Talent management


  • Story structure
  • writing to theme
  • writing to character
  • from concept to final draft – a screenwriter workflow
  • supervision of scripts by teachers


  • Editing hardware and software
  • Ability to work with the shots and tell a story
  • Life skills

Camera / Lights

  • Hands-on workshops, class exercises and demonstrations
  • Training on HD cameras and lighting techniques
  • The different mood of the story according to lighting techniques
  • Camera tests

Sound Design

  • Recording devices
  • Recording and playback theory/practice

Entry requirements

  • Minimum age of 18
  • Knowledge of English
  • No previous filmmaking experience required


Last updated Jul 2019

About the School

We are PFI, the Prague Film Institute - a top film school with a unique history and family-like atmosphere. While studying at PFI, students have created a number of exceptional student films and coope ... Read More

We are PFI, the Prague Film Institute - a top film school with a unique history and family-like atmosphere. While studying at PFI, students have created a number of exceptional student films and cooperated on many professional film projects. Read less