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4 Associate Degree Programs in Natural Sciences Earth Science Geology 2024



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Associate Degree Programs in Natural Sciences Earth Science Geology

An associate degree is a higher-education program that lasts approximately two years. It is often designed to deliver general education and an entry-level focus on a given subject.

You may be wondering, what is an associate degree in geology? This program usually focuses on physical and earth sciences, combining classroom work, labs and real-world, hands-on experiences in the field. Students typically learn how to locate natural resources, prepare maps to avoid building in hazardous areas and study the impact of humans on the environment. Classes may include data collection, surveying, applied math, the evolution of caves, plate tectonics, the geology of national parks, oil and gas geology, mines and ores, planetary science, and rock and mineral identification.

Associate degree programs offer students many skills beneficial in their personal and professional lives. These include learning how to problem solve, self-manage, organize, communicate and work with a team. The degree may also be a pathway toward a four-year degree and increased salary potential.

The cost of earning an associate degree differs depending on the country of study and university. There are many online options for this program, and costs can vary substantially between schools. It is recommended that students contact the admissions office of the school of their choice and request detailed information about enrollment fees and cost expectations.

Career paths for graduates may include multifaceted work in research and academia, mineral and coal exploration, geological engineering, industrial hydrogeology, engineering, military and federal organizations, energy consulting agencies, geophysics and petroleum exploration. Job titles may include geology technician, geographical field assistant, environmental technician and field naturalist. The program also often provides a firm framework for pursuing a bachelor’s degree in the field.

Geology occupations may be in high demand. Many international programs are available to fill that need. To find the right school for you, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.