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12 Associate of Arts Programs in Business Studies Business 2024



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Associate of Arts Programs in Business Studies Business

Pursuing an Associate of Arts degree in business is significant goal for many students during their academic career. Typically, the Associate of Arts program lasts two years, although this depends on the university. A high school diploma is needed for students to be eligible for the program.

You may be wondering, what is an Associate of Arts in Business? This program will offer an introduction to several facets of the business industry. Some of the coursework will involve learning how to analyze case studies, develop a marketing plan for a client, research and write reports, develop an interactive budge, and make both individual and group presentations. Some classes might offer the opportunity to collaborate with business professionals and tour their establishments.

There are several benefits of enrolling in an Associate of Arts in Business. Because the program offers such a wide variety of skills, students can begin to grasp and conceptualize a professional career within the business industry.

Coursework for an Associate of Arts in Business generally takes two years to complete, but this will largely depend on the university. Financial demands also vary according to location, so it is important for any interested individuals to contact the office of admissions.

There are several career and educational opportunities that await students who have received a degree in business. While you will be more employable after the two year course, most students continue on to further education. After completing the program, students have been provided with an excellent foundation needed for continuing studies in finance, accounting, economics, business administration, sales, marketing, or international business.

There are universities that offer this program around the globe. For students with a limited schedule, more flexible online courses are available from nearly every institution. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.