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32 Associate of Arts Programs in Business Studies 2024



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Associate of Arts Programs in Business Studies

An Associate of Arts degree is earned by completing a two-year course at an accredited college. Many majors are available to choose from, such as humanities, music or business. All majors typically require a wide variety of classes, along with electives.

What is an Associate of Arts in Business Studies? This degree teaches an introduction to business along with a liberal arts curriculum. Students often learn basic business principals, such as economics, accounting, marketing and communication. They are also required to take general university requirements, such as sociology, psychology, language arts, math and science. Upon graduation, an individual will typically possess the skills necessary to start a career or continue their education at a university.

With such a well-rounded program, there are many benefits. A graduate will have a working knowledge of the world around him or her, as well as a solid foundation of business principals. After completing this program, many graduates are able to decide which aspect of business appeals to them the most, and then focus their further studies on that field.

The costs associated with earning an associate degree varies from one school to the next. Before committing to a program, research the cost of tuition and other fees. Consider enrolling in a college that is close to home in order to save money.

An Associate of Arts degree in business studies can open up several job opportunities. Administrative assistants, payroll managers and salespeople can all benefit from earning this degree. Many entrepreneurs are able to successfully launch a business after earning an associate degree. Some graduates view it as a starting place and choose to work for a year or two before continuing their education.

Many colleges offer a selection of enrollment options. Some students prefer to attend class full time, while others need a part time schedule. Online courses may be available as well. To learn more about a degree that interests you, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.