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17 Associate of Science Programs in Life Sciences Agricultural Science 2024



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Associate of Science Programs in Life Sciences Agricultural Science

Receiving an Associate of Science is a goal many students seek to obtain concentrated studies in a particular area to futher education and career goals. Others may use it for general studies and then move on to higher education. It usually takes around two years to complete this course of study.

What is an Associate of Science in Agricultural Science? This type of program gives specific instruction in the field of agriculture or crop sciences. The program may require courses such as soil science, agricultural mechanization, animal science, agricultural economics, horticulture, and companion animal management. A combination of lectures and studies and practical techniques can usually be expected in most programs. Hands-on instruction for the use of agricultural machinery is also often a standard within the curriculum.

Students will typically receive a number of benefits from the pursuit of an Associate of Science in Agricultural Science. Practical skills in agriculture provide individuals the ability to help the needs of a growing global society. Students also learn the importance of structure and independence to become successful in the field.

The costs of this degree will vary depending upon the location of the educational institution and the length and content of the curriculum. Questions about course costs and registration fees should be directed to administration officials at your chosen school.

Career opportunities are available around the world for individuals with education in the agricultural sciences. This type of degree helps to prepare students for jobs as independent farmers, horticultural specialists, research specialists with government agencies or private companies, as well as positions in the cattle industry. Additional education may be needed for certain higher-level positions at universities or other agencies.

Programs of study in agricultural sciences are offered around the world to meet the needs of the global population. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.