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Avicenna International College International Foundation Year (IFY) – NCUK : Business Stream
Avicenna International College

International Foundation Year (IFY) – NCUK : Business Stream

Budapest, Hungary

1 Years


Full time

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EUR 8,900 / per year



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Excellent Foundation Year Program

NCUK – IFY Business Stream is an excellent Foundation Year program which prepares AIC students for guaranteed admission to a Partner UK university or studies at any other prestigious university in Europe, Australia or the USA. Students will receive a strong education in general and academic English during this one year course. Special subjects related to their future university studies will also be provided. Semifinal and final exams are organized by NCUK. Successful students will earn a highly valuable certificate of NCUK.

Business Administration and many other related fields at the level of BA and MA are sought by many international students, especially from countries like India, Nepal, Iran, Turkey, and African countries. These students would like to learn the fundamentals of business in a well-known college or university and earn a reputable degree. NCUK program in Business (IFY) will ensure the students of Avicenna to get to a high-quality UK university and earn a degree which will open many doors in front of them. Students will take 3 modules and Academic English. After having completed all requirements, NCUK will grant the successful students with IFY degree. NCUK also assists the AIC Admission Department to place our graduate students in one of the UK universities.


Many UK partner universities provide scholarships and grants to our top students. By successful completion of IFY – Business Stream, our students can choose any of the following university programs among many others:

  • Accounting and Finance

  • International Management

  • IT and Media

  • International Relations

  • History

  • Creative Writing

  • Media Studies

  • Digital Media

  • Management and Leisure

  • Management and Marketing of Textiles

  • Textile Technology

  • IT Management for Business

  • Management and Information Systems

  • Marketing

  • Law

  • Business Studies

  • Design Management for Fashion Retailing

  • Development Studies

  • Economics and Social History

  • Economics

  • Fashion and Textile Retailing

  • Finance and Economics

  • International Business, Finance, and Economics


NCUK IFY is assessed 30% by Coursework and 70% by examination

IFY – Business Stream is a one year course which prepares international students for university studies in the UK or any other European university. During the course of study, each student should complete some internal assessments which are provided by AIC. At the end of each semester, students will sit for a semester exam which is organized by NCUK. Students should attend classes and prepare research reports. All students will participate in WPT (Weekly Progress Test). The NCUK IFY is assessed 30% by Coursework and 70% by examination. All assessments are set and moderated by NCUK.

Course Requirements

International and Hungarian students are welcome to apply to study IFY – Business Stream at Avicenna International College. Applicants must hold a valid high school diploma. A-Level and IB graduates are encouraged to apply for Avicenna Scholarship Plan when they plan to prepare for any NCUK universities at AIC.


Future Opportunities for AIC Students:

Upon graduation from AIC, the majority of our students join the best European, UK and American universities to complete their studies. Many universities are now actively looking for admitting AIC students thanks to the high quality of education at AIC.

Other graduates of AIC who have completed the foundation programs in Nursing, IT, Tourism and Hotel Management or other fields are happy to find a job and get well-paid in the European market.

Your Future University:

Many European, UK and North American universities admit our graduate students. For medical studies, our graduates rank among the best in universities like Semmelweis University (Hungary), Szeged University (Hungary), Charles University (Czech Republic), Comenius University (Slovakia), several other universities in Italy, Spain, Serbia, Slovenia, Turkey, and other countries.

Those students who complete the NCUK foundation program can continue their International Year One at AIC and then move to a UK partner university to complete their BA/BS or MS degrees. The following UK universities GUARANTEE and admission to our students who are strong in English and sciences:

  • Aston University

  • University of Birmingham

  • University of Bradford

  • University of Bristol

  • University of Huddersfield

  • University of Kent

  • Kingston University London

  • University of Leeds

  • Leeds Becket University

  • Liverpool John Moores University

  • Manchester University

  • Manchester Metropolitan University

  • Queen Mary University of London

  • University of Salford, Manchester

  • The University of Sheffield

  • Sheffield Hallam University

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