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Dahan Institute Of Technology

Dahan Institute Of Technology

Dahan Institute Of Technology


The Dahan Institute of Technology, previously named “Dahan Junior College of Engineering and Business” was founded on June 1977. The first Board of Directors was formally set up the same year that Mr Lin, Chao-Gan was named as the board chairman and Professor Bee, Lain-Chung was elected as the first president. The three Branches of Day Division- Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Mineral Engineering were established.

Initially, our undergraduate programs provided students rigorous theories with some practical training and proficient management skills so as to enable them to possess professional specialities before graduation. The graduates were expected to take good advantage of their management skills to create innovative working environments and hence, to steer their own boats. The educational goals of our college were to educate students preparing for future competitive challenges in such complicated industrial settings as well as to give them an insight into the problems of the world.


  • Xincheng Township

    Xincheng Township, Taiwan


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