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Freie Universität Berlin FUBiS Winter program 2024
Freie Universität Berlin

FUBiS Winter program 2024

Berlin, Germany

3 Weeks

English, German

Full time

Request application deadline

Jan 2025

EUR 1,300 *


* program fee | semi-intensive German language class: € 1,300 | subject class: € 1,300


The Freie Universität Berlin International Summer and Winter University (FUBiS) is an intensive, academic program through which students can earn credits that may be counted towards their degrees at their home institutions. FUBiS sessions run for three to six weeks and take place both in summer and winter.


Students can choose between subject courses (mostly taught in English) and German language and culture courses. The 50+ subject courses are offered within the fields of Architecture, Art History, Politics, Law, History, Media Studies, Economics, Sustainability, Literature, Philosophy, Film, and Music. German language and culture courses are available for up to five different levels of proficiency.

Field Trips

Field trips are an integral part of all our courses. In addition, FUBiS offers excursions such as to the Berlin Reichstag building (seat of the German Parliament) and a guided tour through the underworlds of Berlin, or a day trip to Potsdam.

Program Highlights

Gain ECTS credits and broader academic learning within an international environment!

Expand your insight into specific German topics such as culture, business, politics, and literature.

Complement your study with visits to memorials, museums, and cultural institutions or sessions with expert guest speakers.

Enjoy free digital lectures on the FUBiS YouTube channel.

Students can choose between different subject courses taught in English and German language & Culture courses from A1 to level C1. Study visits within Berlin and are an integral part of all our courses.


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