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Fundació Vidal i Barraquer

Fundació Vidal i Barraquer

Fundació Vidal i Barraquer


We are an institution created in 1964 and dedicated to the field of Health and specifically to Mental Health. We integrate assistance, teaching and research in mental health, with a psychological, social, biological and spiritual perspective.

University Institute of Mental Health

The Vidal i Barraquer Mental Health Institute is part of the Ramon Llull University. It has two main branches of activity: teaching and research . The ultimate goal, therefore, is also twofold: to create and disseminate knowledge in the field of mental health.

Among the different areas of study of the center, it is worth highlighting the area of psychology and spirituality, developed as a space for research, teaching and reflection on the links between spirituality and psychology.

Course 2022-23

Postgraduate programs (master's, specialization and experience) are intended to offer advanced training to achieve an academic and/or professional specialization. In accordance with this purpose and with the specific needs of training professionals in the field of mental health, our programs articulate professionalization and research, both in public and private care settings. This fact is reflected in the theoretical and technical content, in the experience of the teachers and tutors, as well as in the internship program through the collaborating centers.

Currently, all training programs are adapted to the European Higher Education Area, where assessment is continuous and the course load is calculated in ECTS credits ( European Credit Transfer System ). One credit is equivalent to 25 hours of work and the hours of class attendance, preparation of work, study, practices, evaluation tests and tutoring with teachers are counted.


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