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Hesston College is a Christ-centered community where each student is educated and nurtured academically, socially, and spiritually. We offer both Associate and Bachelor degree programs. Our specialization in associate degrees reflects our believe that the first 2 years should be treated as more than something to get out of the way. They should be seen as an opportunity to lay a solid foundation for the rest of your life. Our Bachelor degrees are designed to include hands on learning in a diverse environment.

Located just 30 minutes north of Wichita, Hesston College maintains a unique emphasis on community and relationships and how to genuinely do them well.

As Kansas’ only private liberal arts college that includes a focus on associate degrees as the first step in higher education, we offer an environment and learning experience that’s hard to match. Our bachelor degree programs in Nursing, Aviation: Professional Pilot, and Business management combine hands on learning iwth professional and character development.

With nearly 400 students and a student-faculty ratio of 9:1, you’ll find opportunities for life, learning, and involvement that are distinct even among small colleges.

Our two-year general studies curriculum, includes English language development while gaining the kind of academic and professional preparation that most schools put off until the junior and senior years.

With a spiritual dimension that permeates most of what we do, you’ll become a valued member of a tightly knit community of learners, teachers, and friends.

Mission Statement

Hesston College, a college of Mennonite Church USA, educates and nurtures each student within a Christ-centered community, integrating thought, life, and faith for service to others in the church and the world.


Hesston College graduates change the world as they serve through their vocations, churches, families, and individual commitments to follow Christ.

Hesston College is a transforming community where students, faculty, and staff dedicate their intellect, passion, and skill to a future where:

  • Hope replaces despair
  • The poor are clothed and fed
  • The sick are made whole
  • Peace replaces war and conflict
  • Justice replaces oppression
  • Creation is renewed
  • The gospel is proclaimed.

To make this vision a reality:

  • We will strive for excellence in all we do. We will measure our results and aspire to greatness in all areas of college life.
  • Our graduates will be fully prepared to take the next steps in their education, professions, and relationships.
  • All academic and student life programs will be infused with the values of the Christian community, stewardship of gifts, and service to the world.


Aspire to high performance in all courses, programs, and activities, measuring our results with accepted standards of achievement. Give and expect each other’s best efforts in teaching and learning. Encourage creativity, curiosity, and critical thinking.

Christian Community
Invite students to follow Christ and to create a Christ-centered community on campus.

Celebrate differences in backgrounds and cultures and make every effort to learn from each other.

Create space and time to develop relationships so that faculty, students, and staff learn together.

Strive to break through to new ways of learning and service.

Care for the financial, physical, spiritual, and emotional resources entrusted to us. Serve as stewards of the environment and work to develop sustainable facilities and practices.

Model lives of joy, eagerly working hard to achieve and welcoming humor and fun along the way.

Share information regarding our performance, finances, and future plans within the organization, with our supporters, and with those we serve.

Act with compassion and honesty, extending dignity and respect to all.


  • International students:


  • 0
  • Student to faculty ratio:

    9 to 1

Campus Features

Campus Activities

Campus Activities are planned and carried out by the campus activities coordinators and the Campus Activities Board (CAB) which consists of six selected students. The goal is to offer activities that provide opportunities for fellowship and recreation to all members of the campus community.

A wide variety of events are available throughout the year including movie nights, coffee houses, bowling nights, ice skating, lip-sync battles, and game nights.

The college views these activities as an integral part of each student’s emotional, social, and physical development.


Hesston College supports the organization of clubs that provide opportunities for students to further explore specific areas of interest. Clubs have included Travel Kansas, knitting, baking club, amateur radio, and multicultural club. Initially, each club must present a written proposal to the campus activities coordinators who will approve club development. Each club must have a faculty or staff member as an active sponsor and promote the mission of Hesston College. Limited funds are available by application. Applications should be in writing and presented to the campus activities coordinators. Each club submits an end-of-year report to summarize club activities for the year and help with future planning.

Stutzman Retreat Center

Stutzman Retreat Center is located about six miles from Hesston. The 17-acre setting includes a pond, a rustic-style log cabin, several picnic areas, and walking paths.

Dyck Arboretum of the Plains

Dyck Arboretum of the Plains is a setting for educational opportunities for the community and a place where visitors may come to enjoy nature or sit in quiet reflection. It consists of 25 acres and is located one block south of campus. Dyck Arboretum’s Visitor and Education Center house arboretum offices and an education hall for arboretum and community programs. The Prairie Pavilion provides a multi-use venue for meetings, receptions, weddings, and formal dinners. The arboretum is designed to create an awareness of the natural beauty of Kansas with emphasis on trees, shrubs, flowers, and grasses native to Kansas and/or characteristics of the prairie. In addition to dense plantings, open areas are part of the design, reminding the visitor of the vastness of the plains.


    Hesston College admits those students who will benefit from the educational environment of the college and who will contribute to the shared life of the campus community. Applicants seeking a degree from Hesston College must be graduates of an accredited high school or its equivalent to be eligible to attend. Admission is granted after careful review of the candidate’s academic promise, social character, and potential for success. Hesston College does not discriminate based on age, gender, race/ethnicity, religion, or disability. Applicants who have not completed high school but have taken the General Educational Development tests (G.E.D.) are considered for admission on the basis of official test scores. Each applicant to Hesston College shall be considered for acceptance based on the indicators below. Evidence of each indicator may include but not be limited to official academic records, student information forms, personal reference forms, or personal contact with the applicant. Failure to meet any criterion may result in Academic Contractual Acceptance or rejection of the application.

    Academic Promise

    • A high school transcript indicates an unweighted cumulative GPA of 2.5 or above, and college transcript(s) (if applicable) indicates a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or above.
    • Transcript analysis shows successful completion of appropriate high school curriculum or GED certificate.
    • A standardized achievement test in the form of ACT or SAT is completed and results are reported to Hesston College.
      • ACT Reading Score is 15 or above and ACT Composite Score is 15 or above.
      • SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing section score is 410 or above and SAT Composite Score is 830 or above.
      • ACCUPLACER reading score of 236 or above. (ACCUPLACER is accepted for transfer students without an ACT or SAT score or students who have been out of high school for at least one year. If a student has been out of high school for less than a year and doesn’t have an ACT or SAT score, ACCUPLACER may be offered. Students must achieve a 236 or above on all sections or may enter on Academic Contractual Acceptance.)
    • Shows academic readiness to do college-level work (based on class rank, coursework rigor, or other academic indicators).

    Social Character

    • Displays appropriate social interactions.
    • Will contribute to the campus community in a positive way.
    • Able to live independently by managing such things as time schedule, self-care, and finances.

    Potential for Success

    • Understands the expectations of Hesston College and is able to adhere to stated community standards.
    • Expresses personal and academic goals for attending college.

    Applicants who do not meet these criteria will be reviewed by an Academic Contractual Acceptance Committee chosen and chaired by the vice president of Admissions and will include: vice president of Student Life, academic dean, and admissions counselor.

    Scholarships and Funding

    Hesston College’s annual tuition is very reasonable when compared to other schools; in fact our total cost is around 20 percent lower than the national average for private colleges. Our average financial aid package is more than $26,000.

    A low percentage of college students nationwide actually pay for their education up front without any financial assistance. Ask anyone. This is no different at Hesston, where 99 percent of our students receive some form of financial aid.

    The key is to think of it in terms of value. While the cost of college may initially be a bit of a shock, step back and think about the experience and lifelong advantages a Hesston education provides.

    Financial aid comes in many forms, and in many cases our students ultimately pay for only a small percentage of their tuition, and in some cases, don’t have to pay for any of it.


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