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Jefferson State Community College Associate of Science in Business
Jefferson State Community College

Associate of Science in Business

62 Hours


Full time

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USD 3,540 / per semester *


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Business Information Systems

The Department of Business and Information Systems includes the areas of Business, Computer Science, and Office Administration.

The mission of this department is two-fold. The department provides all students access to quality educational opportunities and experiences that will meet the needs of an ever-changing and increasingly demanding technological society.

In addition, the department provides outstanding educational instruction which prepares students for transfer to a college or university.

The department will:

  • Provide career programs and professional degree programs that enable graduates to obtain immediate employment
  • Prepare students to continue their education at four-year institutions
  • Expand learning opportunities through the integration of technology with instruction
  • Provide access to instruction through distance learning as well as traditional modes of delivery
  • provide courses that help those already employed acquire specialized skills needed as a result of technological advances or for job advancement
  • Evaluate programs and courses for relevancy, making appropriate changes when needed
  • Maintain a professional and knowledgeable faculty


Business: Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Management, Management Information Systems

Program Code - AS T040

Areas I-IV core courses are to be chosen from the Jefferson State Approved AGSC General Course Listing.

Orientation Requirement***

  • ORI 101 Orientation to College 1

General Courses (62-63 semester hours)

  • Area I: Written Communication 6
  • Area II: Humanities and Fine Arts 12
    • Literature sequence 6
    • Arts (A) 3
    • Complete one course from the following: 3
      • SPH 106 Fundamentals of Oral Communications
      • SPH 107 Fundamentals of Public Speaking
  • Area III: Natural Sciences and Mathematics 11
    • MTH 112 Precalculus Algebra 3
    • +Natural Sciences 8

If you take BIO 103, you cannot take BIO 101. If you take BIO 104, you cannot take BIO 102. If you take CHM 111, you cannot take CHM 104. If you take CHM 112, you cannot take CHM 105. If you take PHY 213, you cannot take PHY 201. If you take PHY 214, you cannot take PHY 202.

  • Area IV: History, Social, and Behavioral Sciences 12
    • History 3
    • ECO 231 Principles of Macroeconomics 3
    • ECO 232 Principles of Microeconomics 3
    • Complete one course from the following: 3
      • ANT 200 Introduction to Anthropology
      • PSY 200 General Psychology
      • SOC 200 Introduction Sociology
  • Area V: Pre-Professional, Major & Elective Courses 21-22
    • CIS 146 Microcomputer Applications 3
    • BUS 263 Legal/Social Environment of Business 3
    • BUS 271 Business Statistics I 3
    • BUS 272 Business Statistics II 3
    • BUS 241 Introduction to Accounting I 3
    • BUS 242 Introduction to Accounting II 3
    • Complete one course from the following: 3-4
      • MTH 120 Calculus and its Applications
      • MTH 125S Calculus I

+Refer to JSCC’s AGSC Approved Course Listing.

*** ORI 101 Waived if the student currently has 12 or more earned hours or has transferred in 12 or more hours.

For transfer information, refer to the AGSC guide and Area V page for this program. Failure to print and retain the Area V page for this major may result in the program not being transferable.

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