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Universitatea De Vest Din Timisoara

Universitatea De Vest Din Timisoara

Universitatea De Vest Din Timisoara


Universitatea de Vest din Timișoara (UVT) / West University of Timişoara (WUT) is the main higher education institution and research center in Western Romania. Its community comprises roughly 16000 students and over 700 academic staff. It is a comprehensive university including 11 faculties with their respective departments, as well as a Department of Teacher Training.

The faculties functioning within the framework of UVT offer nationally accredited study programmes at Bachelor, Master and Doctoral level in the following subject areas: Arts and Design; Chemistry, Biology, Geography; Economics and Business Administration; Law; Letters, History and Theology; Mathematics and Computer Science; Music and Theater; Physical Education and Sports; Physics; Political Sciences, Philosophy and Communication Sciences; Sociology and Psychology.

West University of Timisoara offers students the opportunity to combine theoretical and practical knowledge, in a multi- and inter-disciplinary environment, preparing them to enter a globalized labor market. With more than 5% of the student body being international, the university is intensively involved in processes of internationalization with our faculties offering over 20 study programmes in foreign languages (English, German, or French) at Bachelor, Master and Doctoral level.

The university’s strong focus on academic quality is also endorsed by UVT’s affiliation to the European Association of Universities (EUA) and the International Association of Universities (IAU), as well as many other international bodies and associations (Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie, European Association for International Education, European Association of Erasmus Coordinators, etc). Additionally, on a yearly basis, West University of Timisoara implements over 100 research projects, out of which around more than 30% have a strong international dimension. Fostering a multi- and interdisciplinary approach to higher education and research, with a clear focus towards the internationalization, WUT has over 380 bilateral agreements fostering exchanges in the Erasmus+ programme and over 180 other bilateral agreements with higher education institutions worldwide. On an annual basis, West University of Timisoara has over 300 outgoing students (studies and placement) pursuing a mobility abroad, as well as over 200 incoming mobility students, organized in the framework of Erasmus+ mobility projects. Also, around 600 international students pursue a full degree programme at WUT, annually. With an estimated increase of 15% in international students numbers for the next academic year, our university is committed to supporting the personal and professional development of students in an increasingly internationalized academic world. Highly focused on the internationalization of curricula, West University of Timisoara is more and more oriented towards opportunities for graduates’ absorption in a globalized labour market.

Eventually, West University of Timişoara is part of a very multicultural and dynamic city that offers numerous options for learning, even beyond academic life. Timişoara is not only a cosmopolitan city highly connected to the rest of Europe but also the city with the highest internet speed in the world and a future European Capital of Culture in 2021. Studying here, thus, can benefit students in many different ways. Moreover, the university has a modern and fully-equipped library, as well as various language and culture centers (Chinese, Portuguese, French, German, Austrian, Italian, Spanish, Serbian, etc). Last, but not least, the student campus is located in the heart of the city and is in itself an attraction, with many opportunities for leisure and living.


The university’s strong focus on quality in an increasingly international and globalized academic world is recognized through its position in rankings worldwide (for example, Times Higher Education Emerging Economies University Rankings Top 201-250 in 2018, QS World University Rankings Top 701+ in 2015-2016, QS Rankings by Subject Top 150-200 in the field of Modern Languages 2017 or Shanghai Ranking by Subject Top 301-400 in 2018 in the field of Physics).

    Campus Features

    We offer homestay in one of the university's dormitories, in one room, available for 2 up to 5 inhabitants at low costs (aprox. 50 euro per month). Student residence available for one academic year with the possibility of prolonging the stay during the summer holiday and for the next academic year.

      West University of Timișoara is in the Top 10 Countries to Study Abroad Top 10 Europe rankings 2022 badge


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