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VFX-Workshop is positioned to become a new benchmark in 3D image education. It will quickly find its place in the panorama of training by supplementing it and providing sought-after professional specialities.

Based on the recommendations of the reference studios, a 3-year training course is provided to students. Practical exercises guide learning, and projects develop experience.

The training is accessible immediately after the Bac. No need to take a preparatory class; the training program is complete! It is designed to provide all the fundamentals and deepen knowledge year after year.

The teaching quality relies on our teachers, experts in the VFX (Visual Effect's Artist) professions, whose passion is to pass on their knowledge and guide students to train the new generation of technicians.

The advantage of a school on a human scale is supervision and monitoring. From your first steps in the establishment, everything is done to support you in your training and prepare you for your future profession.


  • Île-de-France

    Rue de la Croix Nivert,233, 75015, Île-de-France