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5 Preparatory Program Programs in Business Studies Business 2024



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    Preparatory Program Programs in Business Studies Business

    A preparatory year is designed to prepare high school graduates and older students for university studies. For those interested in a career in business, this year will provide general education that either is required for, or will assist in, earning a degree.

    You may be wondering, what is a Preparatory Year in Business? This program will prepare students of all ages for business school. It is available for high school graduates, as well as university students who have decided to focus on earning a business degree. Education includes introducing business fundamentals, exploring international dimensions of business in a global economy, and general management skills. Many schools also offer internships in order to practice the learned skills in a real working environment.

    Taking a Preparatory Year in Business is beneficial in many ways. Students will learn skills that will prepare them for applying for a job, as well as practical skills that will help them in the workplace and other areas of their life. These competencies include CV presentation, interview skills, computer literacy, oral communication, written communication, leadership, team working, and interpersonal skills.

    There are many international programs that offer preparation for a career in business. Costs vary greatly depending on the location and specific program being offered. Contact the school of interest to inquire about specific costs and program duration.

    Once you earn a degree in business, you may be able to take advantage of many types of career opportunities. Some students may choose to focus specifically on certain specialties while in school, while others find their preferred focus once they have started a career. Examples of careers include those in sales, finance, consulting, accounting, entrepreneurship, human resources, marketing, leadership development, real estate, corporate responsibility, and retail.

    If studying remotely is of interest to you, see if your school of choice offers online classes for your preparatory year. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.