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9 Preparatory Program Programs in Business Studies 2024



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Preparatory Program Programs in Business Studies

A preparatory year is meant to prepare those who have graduated from high school for a smooth transition into university study. If students are interested in business this year will provide general studies to prepare them for more specific classes in school.

What is a Preparatory Year in Business Studies? This year provides general information and skills to prepare students for more specialized training in business school. Students will be introduced to basic business fundamentals, as well as taught skills to help them gain employment and thrive in the workplace.

For those who know they want to work in business a preparatory year is beneficial in preparing them for future studies, future employability, and life in general. Students will have a leg up over others who have not had a year of preparation and training, since this preparation and training can increase confidence and hiring prospects. The program provides skills such as interview strategies, written and oral communication, leadership, team working, and interpersonal skills.

There are many international programs that offer a Preparatory Year in Business. Costs can vary quite a bit from one school to another, so research individual schools and contact them directly to find out what your financial responsibilities would be.

While a preparatory year may provide students with enough knowledge to enter the workforce at the entry-level position, most students go on to further their studies. Future careers can be expected in regulatory bodies, financial institutions, finance departments in non-financial businesses, and consulting companies. Most preparatory programs prepare students for employment in a global setting.

If you have a full-time job or a family and you need flexibility in your school schedule, many schools offer online courses so that you can get your education remotely. Depending on the school, you may be able to take the entire year online. Other students may prefer to learn in a classroom environment. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.