Montreal Technical College (MTC)


Founded in 1967 by architect Eleuthere Kefalidis, the College of Montreal Book this tour work in teaching techniques and architectural drawing of the building. It is an institution well known in the construction industry particularly in the field of civil engineering.

Common vision on the quality of training shared between teachers and management, availability of teachers maintained over the years are all positive factors for the implementation of the architecture program.

More optimal articulation between theoretical and practical training is still essential to your success.

The faculty of the College is composed entirely of experienced professionals, architects, civil engineers and mechanics, surveyors surveyor who rank among the best in their respective disciplines. Their educational background is combined with extensive experience in the labor market.



Collège Technique De Montréal Inc.

8255 Mountain Sights – Suite 150, H4P 2B5
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
+1 514-932-6444