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Berlin International College (BIC) is a preparation/pathway college in Germany’s capital preparing international students to study at German universities in German or English. BIC is specialized in degrees in engineering, IT, and related technical fields but we also offer programs for business related degrees. As a special service, which is included in all of our programs, students receive a conditional study place at the partner university of their choice.

Program Options

To study a Bachelor degree

  • PPS FSP - Intensive German language classes and foundation courses (Studienkolleg) with Feststellungsprüfung (FSP), the university entrance examination
  • PPS TestAS - Intensive German language classes and foundation courses (Studienkolleg) with TestAS, the test for academic studies, an alternative to the FSP
  • PPS English - Foundation courses (Studienkolleg) in English To study a Master degree
  • PP - Intensive German language classes and study preparation course


Being located in Germany’s capital, Berlin International College is situated at the heart of Europe’s largest economy. Anything and everybody is represented in Berlin, where brilliant and creative minds in academia, politics and business from all over the world come together to experience this unique multiculturalism. Thereby, BIC students receive the chance to come into contact with inspiring people, network, and experience all the opportunities Berlin has to offer. Simultaneously, they are also able to engage in a rich offering of art, sports and other activities during their free time, including Berlin’s nightlife, which is hard to match in its vibrancy.

Consequently, BIC students study and live in an exhilarating atmosphere of history, artistic creativity, and pulsing energy.



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