Technological innovation and the transformation in social behaviors are opening up new, incredible sceneries. Companies must be willing to embrace this change so that they can face the new market dynamics through the appropriate skills and competencies, and young people need to be aware of the new opportunities and be ready for the careers of the future. That is why our training offer is formed of two different, but comprehensive, paths: one for the corporate sector and one for the people. The first, carried on by Digital Accademia, is focused on helping companies innovate their work, organization and language methods; the second designs and puts into practice educational courses that provide students with the skills necessary for the new professional challenges. Recently, H-CAMPUS has born: a unique project at a national and international level, aimed at creating a complete K-12 program, from kindergarten to high school, plus the postgraduate courses, that will allow the young people of today and tomorrow to consciously address and understand the huge changes that digital technology is producing globally.

Programs taught in:
  • English
  • Italian

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