Yokohama Design College


YDC, Yokohama Design College, is one of leading Vocational schools to teach Designs, also famous in Japan for high level Japanese Education.

YDC is located in Yokohama, which is just 30 minutes away from the center of Tokyo, it’s just one minute walk from the nearest station, very convenient place.

In YDC we have 3 schools in one building, Japanese Language school, Design School, High school, International students and Japanese students use the same equipment, facilities, easily able to make friends with Japanese locals, enjoy language / culture exchange.

Yokohama is a bayside city with fusion of multi culture and exclusive interpretation of the world and has been evolving functionally every year, filled with adequate environmental sites to study design. This school has aggressively promoting field-trip lectures using location characteristics such as photo/video shooting at Minatomirai district, sketching at Red Brick Park and viewing at Yokohama Museum.

At present, we have 420 students, 180 in Japanese Language department, 170 in Design department, 70 in High School department.

In Japanese Language department, we have students from about 25 countries all over the world.

They are learning Japanese for their own goal, University in Japan, Art activities (Art University, Vocational school) just experience living in the country of his/her dream, Job experience …..

YDC offer many optional cost-free program for helping our students achieve their dream, also activities for understanding Japanese cultures / way of thinking etc.

What YDC teachers and staff think first is “May your dreams come true !!!”

We also offer short trem course for students unable to come to Japan for long term due to their study or job schedule. Summer course takes place in July – August, combination of Japanese Language and Japanese culture / design / sight seeing experience. It will be a good introduction for people to come to Japan first time, making friends with students from other countries.

This school offers programs in:
  • English
  • Japanese

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This school also offers:


Japanese Language, Culture, Design in Yokohama

Campus Full time 1 - 2 years April 2019 Japan Yokohama

We have Japanese High school department, also Design department on campus, you can make friends with Japanese students in our college in everyday life. [+]

What you learn

Japanese Language


From April: 1 year or 2 years (with a student visa)

From October: 1 year or 1 and half years (with a student visa)

Option lesson

Manga, Drawing, a Trial lesson of Design Courses

School Activities

School Festival, Dipping Rice-cake and playing Japanese traditional games,

Graduation Exhibition, Sports Festival

Student’s club activities ( Futsal, Volleyball, Cosplay, Choir, etc)

Activities of Japanese Language Course

Visiting Japanese Historical places, Disaster Center

Excursion to Tokyo Disney Resort, Christmas Party, Graduation trip

Celebrating New Year at a shrine

Why you choose us? ... [-]

Summer courses

Japanese Language and design, culture in Yokohama in Summer 2018

Campus July 2019 Japan Yokohama

Enjoy your summer to learn survival Japanese, the very basic Japanese grammar and experience historical places, sightseeing places, also amusement park [+]

What you learn

Japanese Language, Design, Manga, Japanese culture


July 23 – August 3 (with temporary visitor visa)


Tokyo Disney Resort, Mt.Fuji, and Fuji Q Highland, Tokyo Tower (Onepiece museum)

Why you choose us?

Enjoy your summer to learn survival Japanese, the very basic Japanese grammar and experience historical places, sightseeing places, also amusement park !!!

This is a package course, you don’t have to book by yourself, you will have wonderful memories in summer just following your teacher.



Address 1-33-6 Chuo, Nishi-ku, Yokohoma-shi, Kanagawa-ken
220-0051 Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan