Asociación Profesional de Criminólogos de España


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For several years, the Professional Criminologists' Association Spain, began its march throughout Spain, with great success both in their professional assignments, such as courses and practical activities they performed. Due to vertical growth, have had several professionals to create this platform, although it is related, it is completely independent.

Since 2020, the Professional 'Association of Criminologists of Spain ( ASPROCRIME ) has derived all his training block our organization, which already had agreements with other entities, and therefore offer the best possible quality students who are interested in forensic science . In short, they trust us the training department, but we are an independent company.

Thanks to contacts ASPROCRIME , and its good national relations, but above all international, can offer practical, seminars and workshops with the highest technology available to us.

Today, professionals seeking courses where you really learn, and they can give you use in your career. Therefore, there is more demand for courses leading to own title (both formal and non - formal training), which courses leading to official degrees (for lack of specialization thereof).



Calle del Alcalde Sáinz de Baranda,38
28009 Madrid, Community of Madrid, Spain

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