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Why us?

Our approach is based on the following principles Safety Everything is designed to maximize safety in student learning. Above and beyond EASA regulations; upset recovery & flight tracker. Quality Best training team, manuals, simulators (FNTP II Boeing NG800, Baron & Cessna 172) and fleet (Cessna 152, 172, Piper PA28, PA28RT, PA34). Now including Tecnam fleet! Customer Focus Each and every student is important to us, not only before you sign with us but for your entire career. Integrity It takes years to build but can be lost in a second. We will do the right thing, always!


FLYBYSCHOOL is the commercial trademark of Fly Bai S.L: of Spain. Fly Bai is an Approved Training Organization registered with the Spanish Civil Aviation Authority (AESA) with registration number E-166 (see the complete list here). AESA is a member of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the license issued is valid in all EASA member countries; UK, Germany, France, etc. With many years of pilot training expertise, FLYBYSCHOOL provides training of the highest quality to student pilots. FLYBYSCHOOL offers an integrated course which includes CPL, ATPL, ME IR and MCC which combines ground school courses and flying training delivered in accordance with the EASA and AESA requirements.


What does it consist of? The FLYBYSCHOOL Integrated course takes students with little or no previous flying experience, to a Commercial Pilot's License (CPL) with a Multi-Engine Instrument Rating (MEIR) referred to as the 'frozen' ATPL. Also included at the end of training is a Multi-Crew Co-operation (MCC) course which is required to proceed to Type Rating. From this point, once Type Rating training has been completed, pilots can then be employed as a First Officer with an airline. Graduate pilots with a 'frozen' ATPL are free to train onto any aircraft type and to fly for any airline that will accept their EASA license. Most airlines will initially assign new First Officers to "short haul" fleets so they can build experience in the more demanding departure and approach phases of flight. Once an ATPL holder has gained 1,500 hours experience, the ATPL becomes 'unfrozen' and they are then eligible to be considered for promotion.




Pajares de los Oteros

24209 León, Castile and León, Spain