Flyschool Air Academy is the commercial name of AIR PILOT ESCUELA DE VUELO, A.T.O. E-207, a flight training organization certified by the Spanish Civil Aviation Authority (EASA). We are a medium-sized organization where management, teachers, and students maintain a direct relationship, allowing better monitoring of student’s academic progression. Our goal is to train the best professionals and also offering the most competitive prices. flyschool Our facilities are located in the city center of Madrid and are well connected by bus and metro with the city center. We also have our own parking and lodging. We are committed to quality education and the people who come to us. Our team consists of teachers working at different Spanish airlines, universities and flight instructors with up to 7,000 hours of flight experience, all of them highly experienced in teaching and with a high degree of specialization. We can say that all of our staff comprises all the different aviation-related roles and professions. Daily work and effort to secure a promising career our students allows us to offer new training proposals that we hope are of your interest. Management team. Good flights!



Oficina Central (información):
Av. 25 de septiembre, 8

28027 Madrid, Community of Madrid, Spain