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Albion College is an undergraduate, liberal arts institution committed to academic excellence. We are learning-centred and recognize that valuable learning occurs in and outside the classroom, on and off-campus. We prepare students to translate critical thought into action.

Albion College is nationally recognized for its academic excellence in the liberal arts tradition, a learning-centred commitment, and a future-oriented perspective. The College is a leader in preparing students to anticipate, solve, and prevent problems to improve the human and global condition. The College immerses students in creating and processing knowledge and graduates skilled architects of societal change, active citizens, and future leaders.

Albion College is committed to liberal education in the arts and sciences. We believe such an education empowers individuals to live lives of constructive purpose and accomplishment, enriched by the confidence and pleasure that come from thinking logically, imaginatively, and humanely. In light of this vision, we seek to create and maintain, in a residential setting, a supportive, intellectually stimulating community that exhibits and prizes curiosity, creativity, dissent, and diversity.

An Albion College education introduces students to classical modes of analysis, interpretation, and argument, unfolding scientific inquiry into the physical world's nature, to how contemporary debates derive from and extend a historical but continuing dialogue about enduring questions.

At Albion College, we invite students to engage in ongoing conversations centred upon their cultural heritage yet responsive to global concerns. We believe our students will find their own voices by paying attention to the finest expressions of Western and other intellectual and spiritual traditions.

Teaching and learning are central to our mission. This means that while the faculty are productive in scholarly and creative endeavours, their primary commitment is to teach--specifically, to foster students' intellectual engagement and growth. Students' primary responsibility at Albion College is to develop mastery in the methods by which knowledge is acquired, critically evaluated, and appropriately applied.



East Porter Street,611
49224 Albion, Michigan, USA

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