Bilingual Education Institute


Letter from the Director

Greetings, and welcome to Bilingual Education Institute (BEI). From its modest beginnings in 1982, BEI has become one of the state’s foremost language and cultural training centers. In every respect, we are engaged in helping individuals acquire and understand other languages and cultures. People make an institute great, so whether you are a student, teacher, staff member, graduate, company, neighbor, or visitor, your interest and enthusiasm are valued and appreciated. It is our collective efforts, however, that today make this institute such a vibrant place to study, to learn, to work, and to make new lifetime friends. As we all know, our world is getting smaller. We can connect with others around the globe at the click of a button. More important than ever, languages are not only means of communication but are also tools and skills for connecting and working with our peers. Here at BEI, first and foremost, is connecting people. We expect our faculty to be great teachers, and our staff to be compassionate, service-oriented, and above all, effective facilitators. They embody the spirit of generosity and optimistic and tireless attitude so prevalent here. Furthermore, we offer our students a diverse yet close-knit community and state-of-the-art technology that gives them the widest possible scope for accelerated language acquisition, yet focused enough to achieve quality outcomes. It is my pleasure to welcome you to BEI. Our staff and faculty are delighted at this opportunity to work with you and to assist you in achieving your language goals and objectives. Best wishes as you embark on your language journey. We will be supporting you all along the way. Warm regards, Gordana Arnautovic Director, BEI

Why BEI?

BEI has been providing quality multicultural education to individuals, groups, and government service programs in the Houston area for more than twenty-five years. As one of the few accredited private language schools in Houston, we continue to build our role as a leader in multi-cultural communication through diverse projects ranging from Refugee Education Programs to our Intensive English Program, and a Foreign Language Program. BEI’s mission is to create unique learning experiences conducive to achieving communication with understanding in cross-cultural environments through effective global partnering, inclusiveness, self-awareness, and innovative products and services. To achieve our mission, the BEI faculty and staff uphold the following principles, adopted from the Principles of Ethics for ACCET Accredited Institutions.



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