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Why study at BSL

YOU WILL IMMEDIATELY FEEL PART OF A BIG FAMILY Brooklyn School of Languages is a local, independent language school in New York with excellent customer service and always a warm welcome. Our focus is on our students and meeting their language learning needs, in our comfortable and fully equipped school. Our classes are small (12 max for General English and 8 max for Business English) to ensure students receive the best possible language learning experience. Our school offers modern classrooms, a small communal kitchen area, free internet access and Wi-Fi and stunning views of Manhattan, the Statue of Liberty and Brooklyn. The language school in New York is situated in the heart of Brooklyn Heights, just 5 minutes walk from the famous Brooklyn Promenade which looks out over Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge. There is a wide range of shops, restaurants, and bars all within a few minutes' walk of the school, and the nearest subway stop, serving the 2, 3, 4, 5 and R lines, is right outside the school entrance. Our housing options include host families and a year-round shared student house. Being in Brooklyn, we are able to offer affordable housing close to the school. We have carefully selected our host families based on their levels of pastoral care shown to our students. Learn English in New York at the Brooklyn School of Languages and be part of a real New York community! WE ARE LOCATED IN BROOKLYN HEIGHTS Brooklyn is New York's largest borough. Hundreds of languages are spoken there, from Russian in Brighton Beach to Hebrew in Williamsburg, but English is the common thread that unifies people and place. Brooklyn School of Languages has expert teachers who use communicative methods along with state-of-the-art learning technology. These native-level English instructors give you the knowledge, skill, and confidence needed to order a bagel in a Jewish deli, discuss politics in a French café, buy vegetables at a Chinese market, argue about football in an Irish Pub, and sing your favorite English song at a Korean karaoke bar, all without leaving Brooklyn. Brooklyn School of Languages has student-centered classes, locally-owned homestays, a summer student residence and a year-round shared student house, as well as neighborhood-focused activities that will immerse you in the English language, the New York lifestyle, and the Brooklyn culture. If you study with us long enough, you may even develop a Brooklyn accent!


We offer a variety of housing options in Brooklyn. You can choose to stay with a host family and immerse yourself in the language and culture of the country. Alternatively, you might prefer a Room Only option for more independence or our shared student house in Bed-Stuy. The great advantage of studying with BSL in Brooklyn is that the large majority of the accommodation options we offer are within a relatively short subway ride from the school. HOST FAMILIES At Brooklyn School of Languages, we recruit and visit all our host families ourselves, we do not use a third party placement agency. We choose our families carefully so we know them well (their house, their neighborhood, the family members...), which allows us to make quality placements according to our students' profiles and needs. We want your stay in New York to be a memorable experience, so we have spent time selecting the right families, based on their levels of pastoral care. A host family can be a couple with children, a retired couple, a single parent, or even a single person. Ethnic diversity is an important aspect of New York's cultural identity, so some hosts may be of Asian, African, Hispanic or Middle Eastern descent, but English is always spoken in the home. Regardless of their background and circumstances, all our host families are committed to making every student's stay as comfortable as possible. Our host families are located on average 30 minutes by subway from school. Below are examples of neighborhoods where some of our hosts are located. What's included Students can choose to stay in a single or twin room, on a room only basis, with breakfast only, or with breakfast and dinner included. Towels and bed linen are provided. Homestays with private bathrooms are also available on request and at an extra cost. Accommodation arrival and departure day: Arrival day is on the Sunday before your course starts, and departure day is on Saturday after your course ends. If you do wish to add one or two extra nights on arrival or departure, we will try and arrange this with your hosts (at an extra cost). BED & BREAKFAST AND HALF-BOARD OPTIONS When choosing one of these options you will be able to share the host family's lifestyle. You will be welcomed in the home like a member of the family and will experience life in New York as part of an American family. With the Bed & Breakfast option breakfast will be included for you every morning. You will share it with the family members or, if they have a busy schedule and leave the house early, they will leave it ready for you every day. Other meals are not included, and you will not be able to cook your own meals in the home (storing food in the fridge and heating prepared meals is accepted), so it is likely you will have most of your meals out with friends or in restaurants. This option is best suited for short stays. With the Half-Board option, you will get breakfast and dinner at home every day. You will be expected to respect the family's meal times and let them know if you are not able to make it one day. Lunches are not included but there are many places to eat near the school in Brooklyn Heights. This option is recommended for those who want to make faster progress in English as there will be more conversation and linguistic immersion. ROOM ONLY OPTION NEW for 2017 – You can now book a host family on a Room Only basis. The Room Only option allows you to use the host's kitchen facilities to cook your own meals. This gives you more independence and allows you to live life in New York like in a shared house with locals, and sometimes other students from school too. You will not be expected to share meal times and will have more freedom with your schedule, but as always you will need to respect the host’s house rules (quiet times, non-smoking etc...) Please note that some hosts may welcome students to a Room Only and a Bed & Breakfast/Half-Board basis at the same time. SHARED STUDENT HOUSE Why choose a student house? Our shared student house is located in up-and-coming Bed-Stuy. This accommodation option is ideal for more independent-minded students who are interested in living with other students from the school. Commonly known in New York as 'Bed-Stuy', the neighborhood of Bedford Stuyvesant has in recent years become one of the most popular places to live in Brooklyn. It is primarily comprised of rowhouses, and many 'brownstones', Brooklyn's typical red brick homes. This house is shared only with other students from Brooklyn School of Languages, and has 3 bedrooms (1 single, 1 double, and 1 large room with 1 double bed and 1 single bed that can either be rented on a shared room basis or for sole use), 2 bathrooms, a kitchen and living room.

Visa Info

F1 STUDENT VISA Do I need an F1 Visa? You need to apply for an F1 visa if you are looking to enter the United States to temporarily pursue full-time academic studies in a college, university or language school. All programs of 18 hours or more of study per week fall under the full-time category and therefore require an F1 visa. At Brooklyn School of Languages, an F1 visa is required for all students who wish to study on the Intensive English Course of 30 lessons = 22.5 clock hours per week. What is an I-20? The I-20 form is a government form that tells the U.S. government that you are eligible for F1 Student Status. It contains information about the legality of your presence in the US: who you are, where you live, what you want to study when your classes begin, how long your studies are going to take, and how you are going to pay for your tuition and accommodation while you are in school. Once you have been accepted on an English course with Brooklyn School of Languages, we will send you the I-20 form. This is the first step in your student (F1) visa application process. When do I need to apply? The I-20 form can be created by the school anytime, however, the interview with the U.S. Embassy or Consulate can only take place up to 120 days prior to proposed program start date. We, therefore, recommend that you start your application with the school 4 to 5 months before you want to start your course at BSL. VISA WAIVER PROGRAM (NO VISA NEEDED) Members of particular countries are permitted to enter the United States on the Visa Waiver Program. If you are a national of one of these countries, and you satisfy the three requirements below, you are permitted to enter the country without a visa:

  • Your core intention is to be a tourist.
  • You will participate in an English program that is less than 18 hours of class per week.
  • Your stay in the US will not exceed 90 days.

VISITOR VISA B1/B2 You can apply for a B1/B2 tourist visa if you fall into one of these categories:

  1. You wish to enter the U.S. for tourism but you are from a country that is NOT permitted access to the visa waiver program
  2. You wish to enter the U.S. for tourism and you hope to continue in the U.S. for more than 90 days
  3. * You wish to enter the U.S. for tourism but you are considering studying in the U.S.

*If you plan on entering the United States as a tourist and have a desire to participate in a short program, your B1/B2 Visa may be annotated for study. This is important if you are considering staying and transitioning into a full-time student at a University or language school. How to apply for a Visitor Visa B1/B2 A B1/B2 Tourist Visa that is annotated for a short program of study permits applicants to merge tourism in the U.S with a short course of study (less than 18 hours weekly). All our courses are less than 18 hours per week and therefore eligible for such

  • After you apply, Brooklyn School of Languages will send you an acceptance letter detailing the program for which you have been accepted and the total of weekly hours. You will need to include this acceptance letter in your visa application.
  • You may then arrange a visa appointment with the consulate or U.S. Embassy in order to receive a B1/B2 visa with an annotation for a short program of study.

For additional information on "B Visas" get in touch with your local consulate or U.S. embassy. Please be advised that if your primary intention is to study full-time in the U.S., you should apply for an F1 student visa. The information posted here is strictly for informational purposes. For more up-to-date information, please review the Department of State and the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services websites.


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