Why Cogswell College

Students say they’ve found their tribe at Cogswell — the creative arts college in the heart of Silicon Valley.

In an all-inclusive, collaborative environment, Cogswell delivers an intense focus on developing undergrads for jobs in high-demand creative arts industries through project-based learning. We stand out as a creative arts college by offering true studio environments that feature professional-level equipment, multi-disciplinary collaboration, and industry expert instruction, coaching and mentoring.

Mission and Vision

Cogswell College uses project-based learning to educate students in technology, digital art, and entrepreneurship to prepare them for careers in the creative arts industry.

We provide a safe learning environment for challenging the status quo and fostering creative collaboration across disciplines. Our faculty has extensive experience in their given industries to provide relevant and vital counsel to students.

Upon graduation, alumni will be armed with a high-quality portfolio and effective communication skills to impress hiring managers and make a difference on future professional teams.

Project-based learning

Our students are given a rare hands-on approach to the practices demanded by today's creative industries.

On-campus project studios offer students real-world experience working with industry clients while working cross-functionally with peers from all programs. Supervised by faculty and industry advisors, these projects teach students a team-centered approach that mirrors real development teams of artists, animators, game designers, audio specialists, and management.

Silicon Valley, California

Just step outside campus and the innovative spirit of Silicon Valley surrounds you.

Here is where you'll discover fellow students sculpting with clay to design a responsive VR environment. It's where you can meet students hacking a game controller and creating new ways to manipulate sound. Step outside and you're surrounded by many of the world's largest high-tech corporations as well as thousands of creative startups. We have a front door to the greatest ecosystem for high-tech innovation and scientific development in the world. With inspiration all around, you'll have the opportunity to fuel talents you didn't even know you had.

Programs taught in: