Epic Flight Academy is strategically located at KEVB – New Smyrna Beach Municipal Airport in Florida, USA. Flight training has been our focus at Epic Flight Academy since 1999, and we are proud of our continued growth and ability to provide students a pathway to achieving professional pilot dreams. Over the years, we have developed our individual courses into a full package experience, ensuring our students' complete training with the necessary requirements to reach their pilot career goals. With students traveling from more than 70 countries across the world to pursue flight training at Epic Flight Academy, we realize that there are high expectations regarding our capacity to set them up for success and to be knowledgeable of their Civil Aviation Authority’s requirements. At Epic Flight Academy, students will find complete flight training courses created specifically for the world’s most prominent Civil Aviation Authorities: FAA, EASA, UAEAC, DGCA, CAAV, ANAC, AAC, GCAA, GACA …. and many more. We understand it is difficult as a student pilot to fully understand all of the flight training necessary, much less know if they are on the correct track based on their goals. As most of our graduate pilots will tell you, without Epic’s full course flight training options, they would be lost in their pilot career journey. Relax and let our trained Admissions Team guide you in the right direction to your dream career as a professional pilot.

Epic Flight Academy Flight Training Options

Whether you’re looking to become a commercial pilot, need a private pilot’s license, or have had previous flight training, our flight school is for you! Our campus offers pilot school training, including both FAA and EASA training with ATPL Theory. International and U.S. Citizen Pilot Career Courses: Epic offers a complete flight training course from zero experience to a commercial multi-engine pilot. The estimated flight training time is 8-10 months, dependent upon total hours. The “Zero to Hero” flight training course is set up for students to complete their pilot flight training and start their career in less than one year!

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Epic Flight Academy

Epic’s Professional Pilot program is the leading part 141 approved accelerated FAA commercial pilot training course. ... [+]

Epic’s Professional Pilot program is the leading part 141 approved accelerated FAA commercial pilot training course.

This course is designed to take a student with zero flight training experience to the Multi Engine Commercial Pilot level in as little as 6 – 8 months. The focus of this commercial pilot training course is for the student to first receive a strong foundation in general aviation knowledge. Once proficient in the basics a strategic, full immersion program is launched for the student’s particular learning style.

The next step is for students to develop their actual flight skills and practice essential safety procedures using real-time simulation in our Frasca Tru Flite and Mentor level 5 field training devices. This combined scenario based training with computer based training allows the student the comfort of learning and making mistakes on the ground. This boosts confidence that they know and can successfully perform procedures and maneuvers before beginning actual flights in the aircraft, saving both time and money during commercial pilot training. Our Professional Pilot program mimics that of major airline training, preparing you for the airline from day one.... [-]

USA New Smyrna Beach
September 2020
6 - 8 months
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