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Welcome to INTO Hofstra University

Learn on a beautiful, scenic campus while living just minutes away from all the advantages of New York City. Study with our industry-leading faculty who are dedicated to your academic and professional goals. Start working toward your degree on day one of your pathway program.

With a 13:1 student-to-faculty ratio, Hofstra emphasizes research, out-of-classroom learning experiences and one-on-one personal attention with faculty and staff. Faculty collaborates with top executives in each industry to build strong programs and ensure that Hofstra students meet employment market needs. Get support securing research and internship opportunities on campus or in the city. Take what you learn out into the world knowing that you are fully prepared.

Live in the comfort of a safe and beautiful neighborhood, with one of the greatest cities nearby. Take advantage of the cultural, business and educational benefits of New York City. Live in affordable on-campus housing, enjoy the perks of Hofstra University and surrounding Long Island, then make the short trip to the city for more.

Benefit from a big city and small community

When you study in our English language and Pathway programs, we help you adapt to American university life and prepare you for not only your degree studies but your career pursuits as well. You'll meet friends from around the US and from all over the world when you participate in activities and gain transferable skills inside and outside the classroom.


Learning facilities

Picking a university is a big decision, which is why INTO Hofstra is here to support you. As soon as you confirm your offer, we help you with the adjustment of living and studying abroad. From assisting you with pre-arrival needs to watching you walk the graduation stage, we provide the support you need to succeed.

We'll help you take full advantage of our academic, professional and social opportunities. Learn best business practices in the Frank G. Zarb School of Business, a brand-new 52,000-square-foot building with industry-leading faculty. Study and research consumers’ physical and physiological behavior with the latest technology in the Behavioral Science and Market Research Lab. The Martin B. Greenberg Trading Room offers one of the largest academic trading rooms in the nation, identical to those used by leading financial institutions, and equipped with 34 Bloomberg Professional terminals.

Whatever your interest, you’ll have access to all the remarkable facilities of Hofstra University. Each resource and class will prepare you to venture out and pursue opportunities on campus and in New York. Choose from cutting-edge research, internships with global organizations, and more. 99% of graduating students are employed, attend or plan to attend graduate school (Alumni Outcomes, 2016-17).

The INTO Hofstra Advantage

Hofstra partners with INTO to create a support system for international students. Our Academic English, International Year One and Graduate Pathway programs help you transition to a US degree program. You will enter a fully integrated program where you will learn alongside your American peers to earn academic credits towards your Hofstra degree while developing your English and academic skills. Upon successful completion of your Pathway program, you will continue working to complete your Hofstra degree.

A seamless US transition

From the moment you enroll in an academic program, you have access to use all facilities and resources throughout campus. Take advantage of state-of-the-art technology and comfortable on-campus accommodations suited to your needs. We want you to have the best academic experience possible during your time at Hofstra.

On-campus resources

Hofstra is filled with the resources you need to succeed. Find support at the INTO Hofstra Center, delve into research at the library, and get involved in student organizations that expand your learning. INTO Hofstra faculty can help you with everything from a homework assignment to transferable skills for your career.

Pre-arrival support services

Support from INTO Hofstra begins the day you confirm your offer. We provide multiple pre-arrival support services like helping you understand the visa process, picking you up from the airport and giving you a detailed orientation before the start of school.

Small Class Sizes

Take classes with both international and American students and help build your English language skills. Small class sizes allow you to have more one-on-one interaction with instructors and collaboration with other students.


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