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About MAIA

Welcome to Massachusetts International Academy (MAIA), an innovative college preparatory school positioning recent high school and university graduates from overseas for success in United States’ colleges and universities.

MAIA at a Glance

Situated on a 25-acre campus in Marlborough, Massachusetts thirty miles west of Boston, MAIA provides the richness of a residential language program and the intensity of a rigorous, structured academic course of study. MAIA offers students the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in American culture and language with the help of teachers and staff. 2MAIA Facts

  • 200+ Students
  • Our graduates have gone on to study at the University of Massachusetts, Boston, Lowell and Amherst campuses, as well as other American universities of distinction
  • Just 30 miles from Boston and 3 hours from New York City


Education at MAIA

Classroom instruction is provided by caring teachers who have a vested interest in helping students succeed. Most of our teachers hold higher degrees and are certified to teach in Massachusetts. Additionally, many have taught English language skills abroad. Along with MAIA’s teachers, Student Advisors offer learning opportunities outside of the classroom. 2

Student Life

Student advisors plan educational and social activities for the students, trips to Boston and museums, and events on campus to encourage friendship and teamwork. Through classroom study and after-school activities, students have abundant opportunities to practice and strengthen their English language skills. 3

Living on Campus

MAIA offers the safety, security, hospitality, and convenience of a residential campus. Student advisors provide supervision in the dormitory, and security personnel is on duty weekday nights from 5pm-9am and 24 hours a day on weekends. The campus is equipped with advanced technology which both enhances classroom learning and also provides building security. Some students have their own single room equipped with a private bathroom and study area while others prefer a double room with a roommate. The facility has a cafeteria serving both Chinese and American cuisine. Students can exercise in the campus fitness room, play basketball on the indoor or outdoor courts, engage in individual and team sports in the game room or study in the library and study areas. 4

Mission Statement

The mission of Massachusetts International Academy is to increase students’ English language proficiency, equip students with the skills needed for successful academic study, and teach students about American life and values to assist them in the acculturation process. Vision Massachusetts International Academy supports post-secondary English language learners in achieving college-level competency in speaking, listening, reading, and writing. The course of study is rigorous and relevant, focusing on the knowledge students must possess and the skills they must demonstrate to succeed in academic coursework. Courses are sequenced from beginner through intermediate to advanced levels, building on both skills and content knowledge. As a residential school, Massachusetts International Academy also supports learning beyond the classroom through its extracurricular programs and events. Interactions with native English speakers, a structured residential program, and connections with the local community foster cultural awareness, sensitivity, initiative, and creativity encouraging students to be engaged participants in the future academic study in the United States.

"At MAIA, students are immersed in the English language and learn in an environment that allows them to develop their reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills to the level they'll need for a successful transition to UMass Amherst." - James Roche, Associate Provost, Enrollment, Management, UMass Amherst



Massachusetts International Academy

Massachusetts International Academy
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