Milan Institute Of Cosmetology


For more than 30 years, Milan Institute and Milan Institute of Cosmetology have helped over 35,000 students open new doors and turn their dreams into professions. We offer various training programs in the healthcare, beauty, business, massage, information technology, and industrial fields. Our campuses are located in California, Idaho, Nevada, and Texas.

Unrealized talent is hard to identify when you’ve built your life around a job, not a career. As difficult as it might seem, it isn’t impossible to establish a career in the professional world, no matter your previous work experience. Milan Institute can help you discover your real potential by opening a career path with educational programs that require less than two-year commitments. We believe that each student at Milan Institute holds the key to his or her own success. Milan Institute offers a college atmosphere conducive to learning and individual growth. Excellent training and job placement assistance enable our students to become enterprising professionals.


San Antonio

Southwest Military Drive,605
78221 San Antonio, Texas, USA

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