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Piedmont University Online was established in 2013 as a distance learning education institution for the purpose of educating adults in professions they want to pursue or just have a basic interest in gaining more knowledge in a particular field. We offer certificate programs for entry-level career jobs or professional development. The university is licensed by the North Carolina Proprietary Schools and is pending regional accreditation. We are pleased to have the opportunity to offer students a pathway forward to reaching academic and career goals. We offer effective and innovative resources along with state of the art instruction models to ensure that our students will be prepared and confident in their ability to compete at the highest level of their field. Our priority is to make sure that our bright and ambitious students are able to reach their career goals.


The mission of Piedmont University Online is to bring high accessibility for exceptional postsecondary education to adults seeking to expand their knowledge and acquire the credentials they need to improve their personal and professional potential. The university offers the opportunity for students to acquire a certificate, associates, bachelor, and master degrees in a variety of program areas. Our programs are customized to meet the needs of our adult students to ensure they have every opportunity to achieve success in their desired program areas. Our programs are interactive, innovative, engaging, rigorous, and provide adult students with the competencies and skills they need to have for the 21st-century scholar.


Piedmont University Online educational philosophy focuses on developing 21st century scholars that are able to be developed through real-life learning experiences integrated with theoretical foundations and principles. Students use theories with practical hands-on experiences. as reflective practitioners. Piedmont University Online faculty is exceptional practitioners in their respective field. They have proven themselves to be innovative facilitators of learning and know how to motivate adult learners towards academic achievement. The faculty use current pedagogy literature to guide their practice of disseminating knowledge and creating collaborative learning environments that promote interactive learning and encourage students to be independent thinkers. HISTORY OF THE SCHOOL In 2013, Dr. Sonya Ricks, provided the vision, leadership, and a portion of the initial funding for the incorporation of a distance-learning institution. Dr. Ricks determined that adults were in need of convenient online learning services to meet their professional development needs as well as to acquire academic credentials in a format that would limit the interference in their already demanding lives. The awareness that attending classes in a traditional post-secondary environment for most adults can be difficult or virtually impossible when infused with their work schedules and family life. The Piedmont University Online education format allows for adults to work on their academic advancement goals while still maintaining their current obligations that mature adults often have to endure. At Piedmont University Online students can work at their pace and schedule their time to complete their assignments from remote locations such as from their own home. This format offers an almost guaranteed pathway to academic success. In 2014 Piedmont University began the process of becoming an accredited institution of higher learning through the Southern Accreditation for Colleges and Schools. Piedmont University Online offers career-enhancing courses, associates,

General Admission Information

Piedmont University Online seeks students who have a desire for education in the fields of Early Childhood Education, Medical Billing and Coding, Human Resource Development, and Human Services. The university is committed to a policy of equal opportunity in the recruitment and admission of students, and access to student financial assistance, other student services and activities. Piedmont University Online does not discriminate on the basis of age, sex, race, color, religion, disability, sexual orientation, marital status, veteran status, national origin or any other basis as specified by federal, state, or local laws and regulations. Prospective students are required to contact the University to work with an Admissions Officer. Admissions personnel are available for online students via e-mail and telephone. Piedmont University Online requires for all of its learning programs that students take an “entrance exam” that is used as an admissions evaluation tool, which all applicants are required to successfully complete. The Distance Education Entrance Assessment demonstrates the applicant's ability to have basic writing communication skills and can successfully navigate and function in a simulated online classroom environment, where the applicant must submit an assignment by contributing a posting to the classroom's online discussion board, and pass a quiz. Piedmont University Online Student Advisors serve as instructors/monitors for this Assessment Evaluation. Successful completion of the Distance Education Entrance Assessment demonstrates and confirms that the applicant possesses the skills, competencies necessary to succeed in a distance education environment. Applicants are awarded, upon successful completion of the Distance Education Entrance Assessment, a “Certification of Successful Completion”. If a student does not successfully complete the test they must enroll in the New Student Course and pass that course before they are allowed to enroll in the first course of their designated program. The New Student Course is a “0” credit hour course and the fee is $125.00. All applicants are required to complete an interview with an Admissions Representative. Non-native English speakers are required to complete an online interview with an Admissions Representative in order to assess the applicant’s writing and communication skills, which represent a critical element for successful learning outcomes. Applicants interested in enrolling must complete all the required enrollment documentation and processes prior to official program enrollment being authorized. Certification Program Admission All certificate programs require evidence of at least a high school diploma, G.E.D. or equivalent, and must be presented to ICDC College prior to enrollment. Evidence will include a copy of an original high school diploma; a copy of a high school transcript indicating the date of high school graduation; a copy of a DD214 military record indicating the applicant is a high school graduate or equivalent; a high school proficiency exam; a G.E.D. certificate or official notification that a G.E.D. has been earned; or a college transcript indicating the date of high school graduation. If an applicant resides within the United States but attended the equivalent of high school elsewhere, the diploma must be translated into English, must state the date of graduation, and Piedmont University Online 2014-2015 [9] must be notarized. If applicants who currently reside outside of the United States and attended the equivalent of high school in a foreign country where they are unable to produce the required documents, the necessary evidence will include written certification from other official offices in English, and must state the date of graduation.

International Students

International Students General International Student Enrollment Policies All international students, regardless of visa type, are individually responsible for ensuring that they are in good standing with the U.S. immigration authorities. Students entering the country for classes for the first time must register in person and present an original visa, passport, I-94 card and stamped I-20. Transfer students must register in person for their first quarter and present valid identification. A registration hold will be placed on all new and transfer student accounts and accounts of students who have fallen out of status. Such a registration hold can only be released by the Registrar in the Student Service and Records Department. Students on a H1-B visa must submit an employment verification letter at the start of each quarter. Students who register pending adjudication of an application for Permanent Resident status must log in to the USCIS website each quarter, enter their I-485 Receipt Tracking Number and present a receipt of this transaction at the time of registration. Maintaining International Student Status. The University is required to comply with the following policies for F-1 international students. Report to Piedmont University Online as listed on the SEVIS Form I- 20 no later than the final day of add/drop. All F-1 students requesting an authorized break must be in good standing and have been enrolled full-time for three consecutive quarters (may include summer) at Piedmont University Online. Full-time enrollment equals 13.5 credit hours (undergraduate) and 9.0 credit hours (graduate) per quarter. F-1 students may enroll in a maximum of one online course per quarter as applied towards full-time enrollment. F-1 students must report any changes of address information to Piedmont University Online within ten days of the change. Students on Optional Practical Training (OPT) are required to report changes in employment to their Campus Administrator within ten days of the change. F-1 students must maintain a valid SEVIS Form I- 20; including updating personal and academic changes such as requests for program extension and/or changes of degree. F-1 students whose cumulative grade point average falls below 2.0 (undergraduate) or 3.0 (graduate) for more than two consecutive terms will be required to apply for reinstatement if sufficient academic progress is not maintained in accordance with Piedmont University Online Satisfactory Academic Progress policy. Students in F-1 status are not permitted to accept employment without proper work authorization. Students transferring their F-1 status after completing a degree from one U.S. institution to Piedmont University Online must complete the admissions process within 60 days of program completion or expiration or Optional Practical Training (OPT) from their previous institution. All transfer students must receive their Piedmont University Online SEVIS Form I-20 no later than 15 days after the beginning of the quarter. Students in F-1 status that have completed their program and who have not applied for OPT or a different degree program are required by the Piedmont University Online 2014-2015 [21] USCIS to leave the United States within 60 days of their last date of attendance. Students wishing to participate in their commencement ceremony must receive approval from the USCIS to change their status to B-2 (Temporary Visitor) if their classes end more than 60 days prior to graduation. F-1 students are individually responsible for maintaining their F-1 status. Piedmont University Online is required under USCIS regulations and membership in the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) to report the enrollment activity of F-1 students. Students who fail to adhere to the above guidelines will be advised to apply for reinstatement and will be barred from enrollment until full compliance with USCIS regulations is obtained. The University is responsible for reporting compliance with USCIS regulations with respect to a student’s application for or maintaining the current status of an F-1 visa. Students should consider seeking outside legal counsel if they have questions regarding their non-immigrant status.



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