Valley Forge Military College


Since 1935, VFMC has earned a reputation as a renowned co-educational, accredited two-year private college. Designated as the Military College of Pennsylvania™, VFMC provides an educational experience unlike any other in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The quality academic foundation, supported by the military environment, creates a holistic educational approach to building leaders of character for today and into the future. The skills and attributes developed through our Five Cornerstones: Academic Excellence, Character Development, Personal Motivation, Physical Development, and Leadership lay the foundation for our graduates to achieve academic and personal success.

Overall the mission of Valley Forge Military College is to educate cadets within an academic and military environment to be fully prepared for their responsibilities as citizen leaders who are mentally alert, sound in body, considerate of others and possessed of the highest sense of duty, honor, loyalty, and courage. To foster high moral standards and strong character traits that will make all cadets a credit to themselves, their families, their alma mater, and their country.

The vision of VFMC is to be a shining beacon, calling young people from throughout the world to come together to develop to their full intellectual, physical, moral and leadership potential through the structure and inspiration provided by the Valley Forge tradition of excellence.

The philosophy of VFMAC is to improve the total individual in a comprehensive system of self and group improvement. The institution seeks to educate every cadet in a manner that contributes to and reinforces the cadet’s capabilities to confidently seek and pursue the challenges of life. Valley Forge pursues this goal by using the holistic academic and military environment as the integrative mechanism to prepare its graduates to become educated citizen leaders of character. The dynamics of our tightly structured and supervised cadet-led community inculcate commitment to responsible and informed citizenship in a democratic society. Valley Forge’s military school education helps our graduates gain the abilities and aspirations to effectively confront and resolve the problems of life, both public and private.

Building Leaders by Developing the Whole Person

Both an academic and military environment, VFMAC builds leaders by developing the whole person. Our international reputation is based on a foundation that is summarized by Five Cornerstones: Academic Excellence, Personal Motivation, Character Development, Physical Development, and Leadership. The goal of the five cornerstones is to help students reach their academic potential and to achieve success not only in the classroom but beyond the classroom as well. From its cadet leadership ranks to the rifle club to its award-winning equestrian program, VFMAC teaches students leadership and responsibility in practical ways.

Academic Excellence

  • Our dedicated faculty develops cadets with the knowledge to thrive in a four-year college, in their careers, and throughout their lives.

Personal Motivation

  • Through teamwork, organizational pride and establishing and achieving personal goals, each cadet learns to strive for excellence.

Character Development

  • Cadets learn to contribute to society while maintaining our high standards of character and love of country.

Physical Development

  • Through physical education and athletic competition, each cadet learns the habits and attitudes necessary for lifelong physical wellness.


  • Through a structured environment, cadets learn individual responsibility and gain the ability to become citizen leaders.


INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS, One of the great strengths of Valley Forge Military Academy & College is the incredible diversity of the student population. Students from around the world, representing over 30 nations, have attended Valley Forge in preparation for success in life. Our graduates have gone on to attend elite ivy league institutions as well as the five federal service academies.


  • Complete an application online or submit a hard copy with a $25 non-refundable application fee
  • Submit High School transcripts (World Education Services or Evaluation Services, Inc)
  • Submit TOEFL score of 75 (internet-based), 213 (computer-based), or 550 (paper-based) OR
  • IELTS Scores with a minimum of 6
  • SAT/ACT Scores


  • International Woman’s Leadership Award: Awarded to assist INTERNATIONAL female cadets who have demonstrated leadership, academic excellence and a commitment to improving their community. Students must have a cumulative high school GPA of 2.5, SAT 1000 (Math and Verbal) or ACT 17. Two letters of recommendation are required. A TOEFL score of 75 or IELTS score of 6 required. If qualified, students will be eligible for a Valley Forge grant of up to $5,000. Renewable each academic year with a 2.5 GPA.
  • INTERNATIONAL Merit Awards: $2,000-$8,000 per year grants are offered to qualified INTERNATIONAL students with excellent academic or athletic records. A TOEFL score of 75 or IELTS score of 6 required. Renewable each academic year with a 2.5 GPA.


  • Complete an application online or submit a hard copy with a $100 non-refundable application fee
  • Grades for the last three (3) years (in English)
  • All international applicants are required to submit a score from the TOEFL Junior Test
  • Evaluations completed by teachers (Math, English and Principal/Guidance Counselor)



1001 Eagle Road
PA 19087 Wayne, Pennsylvania, USA