IIB International Institute of Business


International Institute of Business (International Centre for Privatization, Investment and Management, ICPIM) is founded in accordance with the Decree of Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers as a non-profit, independent training and educational institution by Ukrainian Academy of Public Administration office the President and Central European University Foundation.

The goal was to establish a Ukrainian educational institution which would facilitate economic reform in Ukraine through provision of educational services in the field of business management. Dr. Henryk Sterniczuk, International Programmes Director of the University of New Brunswick was the first President of IIB.

Since its foundation IIB has trained more than 45000 qualified professionals: managers, securities brokers/dealers, investment managers, custodians/registrars, property and business appraisers, actuaries, insolvency managers, and others.



Brest-Lytovs'ke Highway,8а
03179 Kyiv, Kyiv City, Ukraine

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