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We offer more than 30 open-enrollment and customized programs in the key disciplines of Leadership and Management Practice, Business and Professional Development, Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation, Marketing and Brand Management, Accounting and Finance, Corporate Governance and HR Solutions. No matter what stage of your CAREER journey you are participating in our Executive Training & Development programs that will enable you to maximize your impact in your organization Click Training Management Effective Financial Management System enables you to make informed business decisions by providing regular, timely and relevant financial and statistical information. We can offer FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY to fill a short-term gap as well as provide PART TIME CFO to lead long-term projects.

Why Global Solutions Consultancies & Training Center?

We are able to react to any training requirement with speed and efficiency due to our extensive experiences, the high standard of our staff and quality pool of our resources. We adopt up-to-date training methods to keep up with continuous scientific and technological advances Selectively recruiting and appointing members with the best qualifications, experiences, and interaction with trainees and the market needs. Adopting modern Training and learning methodology which emphasize trainees' active participation and making them part of the training process. Our training method is a blend of modern management, spirituality, and science. Training programs and course notes can be prepared within a very short time and new Arabic business people working in officiating areas can be completely developed according to the client’s (organization needs analysis). When it absolutely, definitely has to be delivered right. Reasons to do business with Global Solutions:

  1. We diagnose your training needs before we prescribe the course.
  2. You receive the highest quality value for your investment.
  3. On training matters, we compete only with the Eagles.
  4. Our Trainers are knowledgeable, reliable, friendly and professional


EMPOWERING Professionals and shaping the future of the work Place.


Our vision is enriching learning, development skills and becoming outstanding Icon in the training field.


We have a multi-lingual business and management Consultants & Sr. Instructors, who have international work experience coupled with in-depth cross-cultural and industry-specific knowledge of the UAE and region.


Exclusive - We provide our customers the highest level of exclusive programs designed by our professionals. X – Global SolutionsX Quality = Development. Creativity - New ideas stimulate discovery and foster innovation leading to more effective learning. Ethically - You will be treated ethically, fairly, and honestly. Loyalty - Satisfying customers is our Attitude & Loyalty, doing the job is our Behavior. Learning - We work hard on finding the best solutions to develop lifelong professional learning experience. Embrace - You will be in an environment that embraces and fosters diversity among people and ideas. Narrowing - We work on narrowing the gap between the academic training & the professional training. Customer - We always make sure that dealing with our customers is a lifetime partnership and not just a formal relationship. Excellence – To be the recognized center of excellence for implementing Global Solutions in UAE and GCC countries Modes of Training we offer:

  1. Global Solutions Campus: Our campus striking location in heart of Dubai contributes to the 100% success of Training program with easy connectivity.
  2. Fly-me-a-Trainer: As per client requirements, we send expert trainers to corporate locations. With our trainer at your venue, you just need a conference room.
  3. Live Virtual Classroom: Our live Virtual Classroom brings to you an engaging superlative training experience that lets you learn and gain knowledge from the comfort of your home or office. Attractive training sessions, add to it the convenience of your place and time, minus the cost and hassle of travel.



Office No: 2302, The Prism Towers,
Business Bay,

Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates