Belfast Bible College


As you consider what steps to take regarding your education and what might best equip you, know that we will take seriously our role in your learning. We are seeking to foster learning that develops your understanding, your skills and your character, and we are seeking to develop a community where you are known and to which you can contribute.

We will take your time here seriously because we take our role seriously in equipping 21st century disciples - we would love to be part of your story.

As Christ’s disciples we never finish learning. We are called to a faith continually honed by engagement in our unique context and by robust theological thinking that interacts with that context. We recognise that character is as important as knowledge. We want to see the Spirit empower disciples to be people of influence. As leaders and followers, prophets and pioneers, innovators and risk-takers, all are called to be servants as part of Christ’s Church in the world.



Glenburn Road South
BT17 9JP Dunmurry, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

Keystone Scholarship

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