Who is e-Careers?

  • e-Careers comprises of passionate and talented educationalists who support over 325,000 students all over the world.
  • The institution consists of around 200 individuals, who all specialise in their own aspects of combining education with technology.
  • e-Careers has established relationships with many awarding bodies, instructors and educational institutions to bring its students training and qualifications in an E-Learning format.
  • e-Careers is a true "EdTech" institution.


Why is e-Careers a true EdTech Institution?

e-Careers believes that technology and certain types of education must go hand in hand to ensure future human evolution.

e-Careers is an industry leader in the use of technology to DELIVER training and qualifications as well as contributing to the industry in groundbreaking methods of E-Learning content DEVELOPMENT.

The ability to master both DELIVERY and DEVELOPMENT makes e-Careers a true EdTech institution.

Who is a typical student?

Anyone with access to an internet connection!


What is E-Learning?

E-Learning the terminology which is used to describe the way in which education is delivered using technology. It stands for "Electronic Learning".

There are many advantages of E-Learning, here are a few:

  • Cost effective – minimises human, travel and classroom costs
  • Flexible – studying can be considered as "on demand". You are in control of where and when you want to learn
  • Up to date – all training material can be kept up to date and all students would automatically learn from the latest content
  • Evidence – progress tracking, completion reports and downloadable certificates ensure that everything learnt is validated
  • Consistent – It provides a consistent message, therefore eliminating problems with different instructors teaching different material in different styles
  • Environmentally friendly – you don’t need to travel and it doesn’t consume vast amounts of paper correspondence



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